A/N: Thanks very much to Rose of Dresden and chickadee for your reviews. It's very encouraging to hear some gentle words after just starting to publish one's poems. J

As you can see, I've recently added some more poems and, well, sketches.

I don't want to bother you with reading the German poems, as it must be arduous work for you (I can imagine), so I simply translated them. Here is the first one. Enjoy.

A July's Impression

Good morning.

It seems as if today I will write again.


We will se.

Oh no,

I won't start saying that

the earth is a globe

and neither will I state that

you have to be born first in order

to die.

I am eating cherries sitting at the open window listening

to the passing trucks.

It is July and

the sun even shines a little.

Isn't the world crazy?

What is there more normal than laughing? Or



why talking big or

writing longs poems

while you can say plainly what

there is to say?

Why wrapping the ugliness in fair packaging,

while ugliness becomes even uglier when

the packaging tears and is beautiful

no longer?

Can truth be a lie.

Why philosophy – while

no one can understand it

anyway? And reason,


is that?

It is

indeed a very strange day isn't it

Ladies and Gentlemen.

And a really strange year that

we are living in.

Kill the communists!



Down with the fascists!

Do they

still exist at all? Who

had said that?

My teeth feel red

from the cherries. I must

write more. But

let's be honest


artistic freedom something


It is not morning after all,

it is



I know, the structure of this "poem" is very irregular as well as the punctuation. But don't worry, I wanted it that way.