Outside the sun blared, a pleasant warmth to those who felt it. A brief moment of pleasure in a world broken by the twisted dreams of men. Among this world of destruction there stood a church, deep in a seculded area of the wood, untouched by the effects of the horrible war that raged throughout the world. Sunlight streamed in through the stained glass windows, as if to alert anyone inside that the sun wished for them to come outside and feel it's rays of warmth. However the church was empty, except for one...
A single young girl knelt in front of a small alter. A group of candles set on the large table behind her, each one glowing with a bright crimson flame. A band on her head was woven from the fine vines of the Church's courtyard, contrast to her brown hair glistening as it was touched by the sunlight, which engulfed her being. A white shawl was clasped over her shoulders, a touch of gold around the sleeves. A long white skirt held in place by a belt also made from the sturdy vines. Her delicate features seemed to hold something inside. The girl ignored the sudden warmth, as she had more important things to attend to. She removed a small, black velvet, heart-shaped box from one of her pockets and placed it up upon the alter. She slowly opened it, revieling a redish interior, along with a picture of a young man. She looked at the picture, feeling tears coming to her eyes. The man wore a smile on his face, his long black hair partily covering his face. He was gently winking, leaving one of his soft brown eyes open. She took a long look at the picture, and then locked her hands together in a silent prair. She knelt, still eyeing the picture, and prepared to pray, most likely for the safety of this man. A single tear ran down her soft cheek, as she closed her eyes and began praying.
A young man crept along, keeping his chest close to the soft brown soil. The sudden warmth of the sun was a bit odd for a world so cold. He blew a small lock of black hair out of his soft brown eyes, ignoring the slight stickyness of blood from a bullet that had grazed his flesh. His brown uniform better camoflagued him from his surroundings. He looked ahead, seeing nothing but a few bodies. He ignored them, although he hoped he would not recieve the same fate. Just then a small rustling caught his attention. He quickly jerked his head left, to the source of the noise, only to find a man clad in a dark blad uniform, his gun aimed to kill. He grit his teeth, expecting death, when he felt a sudden warmth engulf his body. However, this was not the sun's warmth, it was not heat that was doing this. He felt the bullet fired narrowly miss him. He smiled and shot the other man down, let the warmth release, and continued battle, unaware of what had just happened.
The young girl slowly closed the box, feeling she had done all she could. She silently blew out each of the candles and began to stand up. Her shawl was a bit wrinkled, her face stained from tears. She looked to the door, noticing it was strangely open, cold air blowing through. She heard a small noise and turned around to find a man clad in black, holding a gun to her head. The empty, darkened sound of a shot ringing out, was the last thing she heard.