I Hate Waiting.html I'm just sitting here waiting

Waiting for you to wake up,

Get your mind and heart under control

And say hello to me

I'm just sitting here waiting

Hoping you'll come to your senses

And drag me out of my harsh depression

Oh I didn't ask for this

You can bet everything you have I'd give it up

In a second

That fast,

I promise you

I'd do anything to get outta here

I'm impatient by nature

I hate waiting

I hate waiting

So come quickly, pull me away

Let's have some fun right now, right here

Help me I'm begging you

I hate waiting

Realize that you want it

Believe that you need it

I'm tired of trying to haul you closer

You'd hate it if you knew

But I truly love you

So don't keep me waiting honey

Don't make me stand here alone

Deliver me from this sorry state

And take me home

I know, when we find each other

It will have to be amazing

But I have to keep waiting



I want to scream

I want to turn away, and run

Escape my own heart

I wish this could be easier

I wish you could seek it out

In yourself

Like I have done for me

And then maybe I'd stop waiting

And we could DO something

It's frustrating

And I'm in anguish thinking of the things we could be doing now

Every time I see your face I see what could be

Do you know this?

If you do, it's cruel to keep me waiting

Come on, you know you can't deny it forever

Get it over with and honey I hate waiting

I hate waiting

Waiting for you to drag me out of this muddy, soulless pit

Take a step, and then another one

You're almost there my dear sweet darling

Take it slow, but make it fast

I don't wanna cause you pain

But I do want this to last

I hate waiting

copyright © 2000 Ninamazing :)