There was a man
stumbling into their wake from the
vast wasteland of wet snow in the pouring rain
the screaming rain
And who
DES-pret-ly DES-pret-ly DES-pret-ly
needed help

They had no room in the warmth and thus
stood him out on the portch in the
burning rain and screaming wind
coming down on him

He stood, frozen snow in his beard and eyes and nose
his hands begun to shake
his knees begun to shake
his head begun to shake

When they found him there, lying prone and curled
they took him inside (they now had room)
and put him on a cot
(they surrounded him with hot thermoses
and attempted to feed him warm soup which
got all over the floor)

He melted a little, and his eyes became open
(a horrified burning look, horrified!)
and started to violently shake
he screamed!
stumbled around the room with mad eyes and screaming at them

They backed away to the walls, and there was fear in their eyes
but shakingly one held to him a
glass of ice water
and he took it

He lay on his cot, staring at nothing with
vacant eyes
It was then that they removed the bullet
in his shoulder