What if

What if the world was purple?

Would you like just as much?

Would you roll around, sing to the air

Smile and laugh and such

What if whales could fly?

Would we shoot them down?

Or would be afraid of them

And let them flout around

What if dogs "meowed"?

And had an extra head?

Would we stick our tongs at them?

And have cows as friends instead?

What if the sun were cold

And the moon a blue blaze of fire?

Would we stay up all night long?

And then at dawn retire?

Or if the ocean were black

Would we still do water sports?

Or would we never wear again

Our bathing suits and shorts?

What I'm trying to ask

Is sorta hard you see

What I really meant to say was

Could you love a different me?

What if everything in this world has to be exact!

Would everyone who's different be threatened or attacked?

Would we be mistreated?

Or thought of animals?

Or maybe of things far more worse like

Savage cannibals

But are we really different?

Or are we quite the same?

That's for you to decide

Your mentors ain't to blame.