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The unicorn and its greed

Deep within the reddened forests of Avalon the creatures stirred. The sun had set removing its warmth and golden rays from the atmosphere. The black sky sat heavy as stars began to twinkle with brilliance. Avalon as we all know is a very special place, were no mortal being or beast may ever walk. Everything in its boundaries from the tinniest bug, to the tallest tree, to the wildest beast contains magic. Enchantment flows through their veins like blood.

A brisk night breeze swept through the thick lush forests of Avalon. The dark air was filled with streams of light. The pixies were awake. Twigs snapped underfoot as centaurs emerged for night hunting. Gnomes began to rummage for food in the mossy ground. The lions awoke with the lambs and the peacocks fluttered their jeweled feathers. The forest echoed with the voices of the mermaids from the lagoon. And black wolves climbed the mountainside to sleep for the night. But of all Avalons creatures the most mystical was the unicorn. Found in pairs of mother and foal or single males the roamed the land by night and by day became a white horn-less horse. Their silvery coats and long mane gone. As well as their feathery ankle's .On this particular night we find Pyrus, a young male unicorn. His silvery coat shimmered in the moonlight that seeped through the forest canopy. His black hoofs softly tapped the ground like velvet and his mane hung long over his neck. His most beautiful feature however was his long golden horn. It parted his long forelock creating two bangs between his ears. He found himself and the edge of the lake were he peered into the water at the moons reflection as well as his own.

"How I desire to be as beautiful as the moon," he said to himself.

"I want every beast, man, and god to see how beautiful I am, but I still do not compare to that of the moon!" he said snorting in frustration.

"If I cannot be more lovely then the moon then I shall destroy it!" he paced about the lakeside pondering how he would complete this.

He stopped and turned his attention to a sound in the bushes. Out popped a red a purple monkey. He recoiled in disapproval. "How disgusting!" he thought. The monkey greeted him but he did not respond. When asked what he was doing Pyrus was hesitant. He noticed a jewel embedded gauntlet on the monkeys arm.

He yanked the gauntlet off the monkey with his teeth and dropped it into the lake were the moons reflection used to be. The gauntlet in the lake reflected the moonlight so the reflection would not show. Pyrus nickered in glee as he was now the prettiest thing visible. He left the angry monkey by the lakeside. Pyrus spent the next days and nights flaunting his new positing as the most gorgeous creature alive. He walked around daintily past the other creatures and bragged. One night he returned to the lake. He looked at its smooth moonless surface and remembered the gauntlet. "That would look very nice on my leg, but how shall I retrieve it? I cannot possibly get it without getting wet can I?" He thought.

He knelt on the bank and dipped his long horn into the water. It caught the gauntlet and he sprang to his feet. Lowering his head to the ground he expected the gauntlet to fall right off. But it was stuck. He panicked and threw his head in all directions and galloped into the forest. He failed to notice the vines and low lying branches and became entangled. Unable to free himself he whinnied for help. Avalon's creatures gathered at the sight. He asked for help but they all left saying: "No one likes a bragger." He sighed then noticed one animal had remained, the monkey. It clambered through the vines and to his entangled body. He removed the gauntlet from Pyrus's horn then grinned.

"Tooth for tooth." It said clasping its hand on Pyrus's horn tightly.

When Pyrus awoke in the morning he went to the lakeside. He gasped in horror. His beautiful white coat, it was gone! He was brown and had a black mane. He waited for nightfall and checked again. His appearance was the same. Only in place of his horn was a white star on his brown forehead. His horn had been removed and so had his enchantment.

The End

A/N: -Jealously and greed blind the eyes like fog on the bay, those without it see clearly and pass through safely. Others are swallowed whole and stripped of their necessities. (Basically greed will end you up with less then what you started with.)

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