Introduction: Syene Mek

My life sucks. always has, always will.

Yup...that's everything and anything going in my life. I, Syene Mek have always been true to my motto - LIFE JUST SUCKS!

Why do I find that so? well, put yourself in my shoes then. How would you feel if you were the 1st ever genetically enginnered human in

the galaxy? if you count that in, I'm not even really human to start with! So what if the whole damn universe crawls with annoying

demons, stuck-up celestials and weak itty-bitty humans? BLECH! I am the 1st and last of my kind no thanks to my parents.

Don't get me wrong, I love mum and dad - they're okay I guess but believe me, I was an experiment gone wrong. Mum was actually

trying to revive a 300 year old extinct plant specie, unfortunately my adorable bumbling dad messed up, so... HERE I AM!

But really, It's not as awful as it seems. Though I guess green hair is weird (that's coz of the chlorophyll), and red eyes are scary

(now that's from the rose petal accident) - I actually look quite good if a bit strange.

So here I am, a 15 year old messed up experiment, living in Earth Quadrant: Sector A, alone in AXIS (that's our house), with my pet Hiss

(he's a miniature anaconda by the way), my folks aren't rich but I got enough to hold my own, no problem right? doesn't suck at all right?


Here's the scoop. My parents are gone (they're scientists by the way, or haven't you figured that out yet?)

- not just gone, but - GONE, GONE!

I admit they do forget to come home often, but hey! Their longest running record's just 6 months for christsakes!

The problem is, they've been missing now for three whole damn years - and I am worried!

I know, I know. why should care? I'm a gloomy, weird, insensitive, sarcastic, selfish bitch! so why should I care?

Well excuse me hellooooooo? they're my parents after all...duh.

But I have plans you know, believe me I do. I got this really strange package with this really weird message five days ago. It said:






like I said, STRANGE.....

hear me out: Johanes Tycho is a big shot ex-commander of the GPS prototype my parents built.

what's a GSP? It's a system that prevents space traffic. With all the zoomers in space, traffic's worse than it was during 3045 AD!

The problem however is that Tycho's now administrator in one of the Best T and T schools in the galaxy

(T and T - Technology and Training), and it's a damn Boys' School! How am I supposed to find out...

I am a GIRL you idiot! you-who-sent-me-that-strange-message!

But here's the plan. I did a good job of drafting it too!

Operation Phoenix

Goal: Find My Parents

How to Infiltrate Phoenix Academy for Boys:

1) Change Sex: Requirements - Breast Depressor, voice scrambler, new wardrobe, oh! and cronies

2) Send my Application: Note - decided to keep my name, I like it

3) Call in Aunt Berna: teach some tricks

4) Study: note - books are in the attic

5) Buy the following: wire, laptop, celwatch, gun

6) review kickboxing - might be useful

7) contact Mac

8) Bring my cutesy bun Hiss

Now isn't that a good plan? what would you expect? I've scientists for parents!

Think it'll work? course it will. I Syene Mek, will never fail! Better watch out Phoenix Academy!

Only, one small problem left now - BOYS! MEN! DAMN MALE PIGS!