First of all, my sincerest apologies to everyone who's been painfully nailed on their chairs and tortured since evil ME have not updated MBV for EONS!!! (ahem...I'm serious here...)

My excuse? I've been damn busy and uh....have been suffering from ARRRGGGGHHH! Writer's block!!!! OKAY??? Believe me, the guilt's been eating up my conscience (i never knew i had one!)

If it makes you happy, I give everyone full rights to clober, kill and torture me to eternal death and damnation (ehehe..though personally I'd rather settle for ranting hate mails :P)

Anyway, I WILL UPDATE soon as christmas break starts..that's around the 19th....I'm hoping to post around two chappies by Christmas at least or new year at most...So puh leez bear with me peeps...gimme a few more weeks if you may...I will post something up! There's no way I'm giving up on MBV!

Okies! That's that!

Sit tight a bit longer... er...and keep those torture devices out of the way...I don't think I'll live through them..ehehe

Tonie aka Hoshii