Driving down a road with cracking pavement,

Sight a blur with tears,

I didn't have the guts to tell you how much you meant,

And you hating me was something I'd always feared,

The ice storm outside is fierce,

But the storm inside me rages out of control,

I was to weak it appears,

I'm losing grip and I want to let go,

So I say sorry for everything,

Especially what I'm doing


Pill number one,

I'm sorry,

Pill number two,

I've caused you hurt,

Pill number three,

I can't take it,

Pill number four,

This is a lesson learnt

Lying on the floor staring up at the ceiling,

I wanted to talk to you today,

I called you, but regret was such a strong feeling,

I hung up before I got a chance to say,

Sorry for everything,

Especially what I'm doing,


Pill number five,

I'm sorry,

Pill number six,

I've caused you hurt,

Pill number seven,

I can't take it,

Pill number eight,

This is a lesson learnt,

I pour the rest of the pills into my hand,

Stare at them for awhile,

These pills, they are my release, my end,

To this disgracing body of a child,

Into my mouth they go,

I swallow them down with water,

This will hurt me more then you I know,

Especially my grandma and grandpa, I'm like they're daughter,

And I say I'm sorry for everything,

Especially for what I've done,

As my vision gets blurry,

I think of how much I'll miss everyone,

Sorry for the pain,

Sorry for the hurt,

My body's going cold,

This is a lesson learnt.....