This is about looking for freedom, to get off this world! please r/r!

-Drowning rain-
So you say you can fly.....
Wings as soft as air
You fly higher and higher...
Away and away from despair
Shrieking cries of pain....
Never to be heard
To get away from the world
Just as if a bird
No longer a rusted crystal
No longer a drowning crane
Get away from the darkness
Get away from the drowning rain
Sit on clouds, to only fall
The world trys to trap you in
Get away lost angel!
The light is getting dim
Do not fall on broken toes,
Get away from the amiss
Do not break your only wings,
Give yourself a bliss
The world does not care,
For greed it loves is to grow
The world is a horrid place,
And the light seems to not show
So you say you can fly....
Wings as soft as air
You need to get away right now,
All you need is a single prayer