To he who fears the space bar
And cannot comprehend
The letters on his keyboard
And is forced to use the numbers instead

To she who cannot spell
The word "your"
And somehow manages to mistake
The letter r for the unrelated number four

This poem is for you
Whos education does not reach
To proper semi-English typing
Or most likely decent speech

You cause us all to wonder
How long you had to stare
At your simplistic keyboard
Before you figured out which character was where

The great mysteries of life
That puzzle the intelligent species
Includes your horrid typing of the nonexistent word 'raybees'
Perhaps you should relearn your ABCs

To he who fears the space bar
Whose typing I cannot comprehend
Just when did "wut" become a word
And what in God's name is "53\/3/\/"

To she who cannot seem to spell
Anything too well
I suggest the dictionary
To help you on your way

To save a dying species
Namely the human race
Whose intelligence is so quickly slipping
Into the abyss

So this little poem goes out
To he who fears the space bar
To she who can barely spell her name
To help me in my noble cause

And save our species today