This isn't a tale of good versus evil, right versus wrong or even love versus hate. This story is about the things in between. Namely, the truth. Appearances are often deceiving; a cloak to hide what is truly there. This is about facing the truth. Don't listen to people who say that honesty is the best policy. They're either too stupid or too naïve to realize how idiotic that is. The truth can kill you and most of us aren't ready to see the truth about ourselves or others. We're happy to live in ignorance, leaving the cloaks in place. Hidden. Because once you find the truth you can never go back. Maybe you understand this, maybe you don't. I could care less. I'm Skye Raines and this is my story.

            My parents must have been high when they named me. What kind of parents would make their child's name a statement? Truthfully, I don't really mind but I say I do. That's just how I am. In a word: angry. Okay, so I'm not the one who said it but it's descriptive enough. The counselors all think I'm 'angry' so I guess it's true. Personally, I think a better way to describe me would be 5'6", blonde hair, and brown eyes. Okay, that doesn't say much about my personality but it does give you an idea who you're dealing with. You can fill it out by saying that I like to wear black clothes and make-up with dirty old tennis shoes. I wear jewelry but hardly anyone sees it so it doesn't matter. If you're curious it's nothing freaky or anything and the only piercings I have are in my ears although there are quite a lot of them. I have pale skin because I like it inside and so do my friends. All two of them. I like to scare people. It's fun but they tend to not want to be your friend if they're scared of you. Go figure.

            Enough, I'm sick of telling you about myself. On to another subject. Namely, Tyler Watson. Tyler Watson was your typical guy. Not really but that's what I try to tell myself. I don't let myself do any of that stupid stuff. Love, for instance, is off limits. I'd rather forget that my heart exists. Most of the time I succeed. Tyler is tall, over six feet with gorgeous green eyes and dark brown hair. He's smart too. Almost as smart as me. Straight A student etc. The only reason I ever even met him was because he was new in town and wore baggy jeans. Yeah, it sounds stupid but my friends and I are the only "freaks" in school so, of course, Twix had to befriend him. Twix is really one of a kind and not only because of his purple hair. He's outgoing and kind. Like the brother I'd beat up if I had one. Okay, that wasn't very nice but it's true. Luckily, I never claimed to be nice.

            Tara readily welcomed him too. I guess she thought he was cute or something. Tara is an okay friend but she's boy crazy. The guys seem to like her too though. I just hate to see the pain every time she gets dumped. I never show it though. Tara always seems to wear red clothes. Tight red clothes and shoes that look like you could barely walk in them.

            While the two of them were cheerfully welcoming him I was ignoring it all and glaring at my paper.

            "Say hi, Skye," Twix said cheerfully. Ew, cheerfulness.

            I scowled at him then turned my attention back to my paper.

            "Don't worry about her. She's like that around everyone," Tara said playfully. I looked up to see her hanging on the guys arm. He looked confused and panicked. I should make him suffer but maybe I'm going soft.

            "Get a room," I say, loudly enough for them all to hear me. My voice is cool, calculating, and emotionless. I guess it's sort of scary to some people. Tara immediately lets go.

            "God, Skye, you're such a bitch," she said looking like she was about to cry.

            "Glad you've been informed. Try not to forget it," I replied. Make that one friend. Oh well, I didn't really like her clinginess anyway. Or her sluttiness for that matter. I smiled when she ran to hide her tears. Déjà vu. I had made a lot of ex friends burst into tears.

            "Not another one, Skye," Twix moaned.

            "Sorry Twix, I couldn't help it. The devil made me do it," I said smirking.

            "Damn it, Skye, you just don't get it!"

            I was surprised to say the least. Twix was serious.

            "What?" I ask.

            "You're only hurting yourself," he replied grimly. I laughed. Twix had always been a bit off but never this bad. The bell rang and I stopped laughing. My laugh isn't very happy either but not many notice. At least I don't think they notice. The new guy sat in the seat next to Twix. I noticed girls glancing surreptitiously at him. What was wrong with them? I gave one of the Pink Pepsters a menacing glare and watched her look away quickly. Poor Tyler was dead meat, though. I saw it in their hungry eyes. He didn't stand a chance against fifty peppy blondes with fake smiles and brains the size of a lima bean.

            "How long do you think he'll last?" I asked Twix.

            "Huh?" Twix asked.

            "Against the brain-dead sheep who want his bod, of course," I reply, "They're all over there salivating."

            Twix paled. "Gawd, poor guy. I give him a week."

            "Five days," I guess. Twix and I walked to our next class with Tyler. It just wouldn't be right to leave him at the mercy of the airheads on his first day. I do have some morals. When I want them I have them. Otherwise, no. Tyler starts asking me these stupid questions.

            "So, Skye, what's your favorite color?"


            "Do you have any pets?"

            "Yeah, Fang, my tarantula."

            "Wow, that's cool. Can I come see him sometime?"


            "What are your parents like?"

            "Dead, I hope."

            "That's so sad. Do you have any siblings?"

            "Not that I know of."


            "Why are you asking so many questions?" I interrupt, annoyed.

            "I want to get to know you better," he replied with a grin.

            "Yeah, well, all you need to know is that if you ask one more question I'll cut your tongue out."


            "Skye that is so rude!" Twix exclaimed.

            "So what? I was here first. I'm the alpha in this pack, bud."

            I left him with Twix for lunch. I hate the lunchroom and always read outside instead. Hopefully Twix can keep the sheep at bay but I doubt it. I'm just minding my own business when Amanda Chandler sits down next to me in the patented 'let's chat' position. Ew, chat. I can feel the waves of superiority pulsating off of her body.

            "So, Skye, right?"

            "Yeah what do you want?"

            "I'm Amanda. You know from math."

            "I'm a freak. That doesn't mean I'm stupid. I know who you are."

            "Well, I just wanted to see if you wanted to hang out with us on Saturday."

            "I wouldn't ruin my reputation like that, Mandy. See, if people see me running with the sheep they'll think I'm one too and I'm not cut out to be helpless prey."

            "Huh?" she said blankly. I laughed coldly. The girl was so stupid it was actually funny. "I don't see what's funny." I didn't stop laughing. "Just stay away from Ty. He's mine," she finally spat.

            "I'll do what I want," I growled. Miss Popular got up and scurried back to her friends.

            What was wrong with these people? I saw Twix coming toward me, leading Ty along behind him like a puppy.

            "What's up, Skye?" Twix asked grinning.

            "Not much. Seems like your new friend is already popular."

            "Huh?" Ty asked.

            "Mandy's already claimed you," I replied trying not to laugh at the appalled look on his face, "She told me to stay away from you and everything."

            "Man, you're a goner," Twix commented.

            "I don't want to go out with her. She's not my type."

            "Man, if THAT isn't your type what is?"

            Ty glanced over at me. "Actually I usually go for girls like Skye."

            Did I just hear that right? I believe I did.

            "Are you suicidal?" Twix asked staring between the two of us.

            "What's that supposed to mean?" I growled.

            "Well, no offense, Skye but you're not exactly… cuddly."

            "That's what's so great about girls like her. They ARE cuddly once you tame them."

            "Tame me? I'd like to see you try, asshole."

            "Really?" he asked leaning closer so that our faces were nearly touching.

            "Yeah," I reply challengingly. I don't really expect him to though. To my surprise he does. He kisses me. I do NOT kiss people. Ever. He slipped his tongue into my mouth, meeting little resistance. I suddenly snap to my senses and realize how gross this is. I bite down on his tongue, drawing blood. He moans and pulls me closer to him before finally breaking the kiss.

            "God, man. That was so gross. Skye, are you okay?"

            "Yeah except this jerk got his spit all in my mouth."

            "At least I didn't draw blood!" he exclaimed spitting blood onto the ground. I hoped his tongue hurt for a very long time. He was still holding me close.

            "At least the sheep saw it," Twix said cheerfully.

            "Really?" I asked suddenly happier. I felt the evil grin spread across my face. I could definitely rub this into Amanda's face.

            "You're so evil," Ty whispers in my ear.

            "Thanks," I reply distractedly trying to formulate the best way to go about taunting Amanda. Danger- I can feel it. I can feel it coming toward me like a cloud. I suddenly feel cold. "What is it?" I mutter to myself.

            "Loups-garoux," Tyler answers.

            "Shit!" I know why they're here. Ever since my parents went mad with the bloodlust some of the radicals have been after me. If you haven't figured it out yet my parents were loups-garoux. That means I am too. Not that I go crazy on the full moon or anything but I can change whenever I want. But wait, how does Tyler, a seemingly normal guy, know about this kind of stuff?