i see sad soul and i try to console
why do i pry?
why get involved?
what's in it for me and why do i care?

she said she was happy she met such a friend,
after we laughed and she said she had fun
a fun she had lost since she lost #1
she was recently dumped by the man that she "loved"

so i played out my sweet game of pretend,
"there's plenty of men,
i'm sure you'll find tons that are better than him"
take her out of the house and her mind off her man
then next thing i know, i hear from my friend,
he's just been briefed on the mean things that i said
he understands, and i'm grateful for that,
for some reason she sees my intent to offend
she didn't believe or realize my intent
she calls me up crying, i'm the asshole for trying
no clue what to do, i've committed a crime?
if white lies can stop crying, if only a day
i think it was worth that emotional holiday
i'll still go console
the aching sad souls

she was dating my friend, and he had to let her go for obvious
reasons. she just happenned to be in my class on the other side
of the city, lucky me. i saw her, talked to her, took her out
to get her mind off my friend, and basically made him as
unappealing as possible (if that's a word) said he was a child,
had to grow up, didn't know what he wanted, selfish, ect. and for
some reason she told him, i explained myself and now she hates
me. women, this is a male SOS lol i'm just kidding but i'm socially
retarded cause i have no idea why. so help if you can, thanks.
pax_driver@hotmail.com for ideas or suggestions