POW-Prisoner of War New Beginnings #3 Ah Kum

Whilst Bishounen and Spanx did whatnot in one corner of the ship, I was stuck with Omae O Korosu. She's actually pretty normal when Bishounen's not around.

The first thing we did upon waking up, was get out of that dome. Omae O Korosu immediately blasted through the wall.

So we were out. Free. But, we had to remain hidden.

There was an air conditioning pipe system big enough for an elephant to fit through. That's what we stayed in. Omae O Korosu had enough food to feed an army for several decades, so, needless to say, we didn't starve.

We heard the Ta-jin talking about "homo-sapien research projects that escaped."

I was unsure of whom they were speaking of. But, from time-to-time, I heard the unmistakable Bisho-whining, followed by the shrieking of Spanx.

Omae O Korosu and I searched for them, thus beginning our next journey.

"I miss Bishounen, don't you?" Omae O Korosu asked me, as we crawled along in near darkness.

"Yeah," I agreed. We were just making casual conversation. It was good for us to keep our minds and mouths busy.

"So, how has he been?" she wondered.

"You live with us," I pointed out. "You should know as well as I."

"Yes, but, you talk to him," she argued. "He doesn't wanna talk to me." She pouted.

"Well, maybe if you didn't chase him around with a fork at dinnertime, he would," I told her.

"Tell me this," she said icily. "Which one of you decided Bishounen JR's name?"

"Can't you guess?" I inquired, with a laugh.

"I should have known," the oujo said, blandly.

We continued to crawl around in different directions, tiring ourselves and becoming bored.

But, we finally found them, in terrible conditions.

They were crouched in a lighted "alleyway" of the pipes. Spanx looked dead, and Bishounen was hysterical.

The vampiress had a large hole in her midsection that was continuously dripping blood on the pipe. Her eyes and fists were clenched tightly, as if in pain.

Bishounen looked to be unharmed, but his eyes were red and swollen. He didn't appear to have noticed Omae O Korosu's or my presence whatsoever.

"Omae O Korosu," I whispered, "see if she's alive. See if she's oh-kay."

Omae O Korosu nodded and made her way over to Spanx.

I crawled to Bishounen and cradled his head on my shoulder, like I do when Bishounen JR is upset.

"It's oh-kay," I assured him, softly.

"No it's not," he cried, trying to bury his face in my neck. "I killed her! It's all my fault!"

"Shh," I hushed him. "You didn't do anything wrong. I know you'd never try to hurt anyone. Now, tell me what happened."

He shook his head and kept crying.

"She's oh-kay!" Omae O Korosu announced. "She's not dead! She's just a little burned! I have some of Flower's healing powder! No worries, Bish!"

"You see," I said, nuzzling him, "everything's oh-kay."

I felt a tremor race through his body, and he suddenly went limp. I almost sweatdropped.

"He fainted," I told the princess.

She did sweatdrop.

"Wake up, you ouji-wannabe!" she shrieked.

"We should heal Spanx," I hinted.

Bishounen was lowered to the floor, and Omae O Korosu hopped next to Spanx.

"I hope I remember the words to this," she muttered, spreading the powder around Spanx's body. She clapped her hands together, creating a cloud of pink powder. "Name of that, which the Healer," she began chanting. "Bring forth your powers to strengthen those who have fallen! Protect these herbs as they filter into the body! Healing Powder!"

The powder glowed bright pink, and then was sucked into Spanx's body. He fists and teeth unclenched and the hole dissolved.

"Phew!" I exclaimed. "Everything's back to normal!"

"So, when do you think they'll wake up?" Omae O Korosu asked me.



We spent hours trying to get those two to wake up. We tried shaking and smelling salts and slapping and standing them up and anything else we could think of! They were dead to the world.

And to make matter worse, we were about to be ambushed.

I heard clomping sounds.

"Omae O Korosu!" I hissed. "Move it!"

I began to lift Bishounen onto my shoulders.

"Wait!" she cried. "I wanna carry Bishy!"

I sighed. "Fine! I don't have time to argue about this!"

So, I carried Spanx instead.

Omae O Korosu and I steadily made our way to a secluded area of the pipes. We had already stashed most of our belongings in there, so we didn't have to carry all of it around.

Luckily, Spanx isn't too heavy, so I didn't come out of it with a backache or anything.

We set Bishounen and Spanx down, hopefully in a comfortable position, and then rested. Bishounen looks so innocent and cute while he's sleeping. He looks happy, like a child in a candy store or something.


"I love Bishounen!" Omae O Korosu suddenly cried.

"Yes, I know," I replied.

I heard a clanking, and an abrupt pang on the back of my head.

The world went black.


I slowly opened my eyes. I tried moving the loose bangs from my face, but found that I couldn't move. I turned my head to see that I was tied to Omae O Korosu and Spanx, who were both wide awake.

"What's going on??" I demanded.

"I have NO idea," Spanx answered, shrugging. "It's nice to see you, though."

I smiled briefly. "But where's Bishounen??"

"Still sleeping," Omae O Korosu mumbled.

I looked around, and saw him. He was, indeed, snoozing away a few feet from us on a lab table.

"He needs to wake up and get us out of here," Spanx pointed out.

"Let's throw something at him!" Omae O Korosu shouted.

"I would throw a brick at him if I could move," Spanx said, probably calculating the procedure in her mind.

"I can do it!" Omae O Korosu shrieked. She lowered her head, and bit down on a clip attached to her shirt. A hand, attached to wiring shot out of her backpack, and chucked a brick at Bishounen.

"AAAAHH!!!" I screamed. "What are you THINKING?? Are you actually TRYING to kill him??"

To my horror, the brick smacked my husband in the head. But, strangely, it bounced back off, and Bishounen stirred, and rolled over on the table.

The three of us sweatdropped.

"Talk about a thick head," Spanx grumbled.

"Spanx?" I inquired. "What exactly happened to you guys? It's very unclear to me."

"Well, we were at this party, under cover, to see what was going on," she began. Omae O Korosu and I listened, diligently. "This Ta-jin shot at Bishounen. I told him to get out of the way, but he just stood there, like an idiot. So, I blocked it. I STILL have no idea what I was thinking. If he had been injured, I wouldn't have lost it and went superman on the guy that tried to kill us!!" She fumed for a few seconds.

"Gone superman?" I repeated. I blinked, and then smiled brightly. "Bishounen is strong?"

She snorted. "Strong doesn't QUITE describe what he is."

"Did he use the Sword of Death?" Omae O Korosu questioned, grinding her teeth. I guess, were I in her shoes, that I would've done the same. Bishounen used that sword to try and eliminate her. He can only call upon the sword's power when he's good and angry. And he was definitely angry when he used it against his cousin.

"No," Spanx replied, shaking her head. "I think he used the Kryogg."

"The black hole??" I shouted.

"Is that what it is?" the vampire asked. "Bishounen and I had no idea what it was! He touched it, and everything started changing. He's got some kind of super-powers. The doctor tried to 'cure him' by hitting him on the head, but he's still Super-Bish! I think that Kryogg's powers tire him out, obviously."

I gazed at my sleeping love and sighed. "You're right."

Just then, the door flung open and a man wearing a lab coat strolled in. He was pushing along with him needles and other surgical tools on a cart.

"Kame?" Spanx wondered.

"Oh, hello," he greeted.

"What're you doing?" I questioned.

"I am about to de-Kryogg your friend here," he announced.

"DE-Kryogg?" I repeated. "What's that?"

He looked annoyed. "I'm going to..eliminate the infected area.

"His finger?" Spanx wondered. She nearly started a giggle fit.

"Yes," Kame said, getting the bubbles out of a syringe. "I'm amputating his finger."

Bishounen's eyes shot open. "No! Not my finger!!" he wailed. He hopped off the table and ran into a corner, covering his head with a pink cloth.

I sweatdropped.

"Come out, come out, wherever you are," Kame taunted, striding toward Bishounen. He looked around, mockingly. "I wonder where he went. Hmm..oops!" he shrieked, snatching the cloth away. "There he is!"

"AAAAHH!!!" Bishounen yelled. He ran away and hid behind the three of us. "Help me," he pleaded.

Spanx scoffed at him. "You help us, you big baby! YOU'RE the one with the super-powers!"

"Super-powers?" he questioned. He made an expression as if the word left a bad taste in his mouth. His eyes suddenly brightened. "I have super- powers?"

A glass beaker shattered right behind Bishounen's head. Had it been ΒΌ of an inch lower, it would have broken against his forehead.

His face turned snow-white, just as it had been before his "monster tan" tirade. Strangely, Omae O Korosu refused to scar her "perfect skin." She never goes outside or anything! She has tried to boycott tanning beds and lotion!

Bishounen stared wide-eyed at his attacker.

Kame twitched nervously. "300.6 years in medial school. 300.6! I'm not letting some punk alien like you ruin it!"

"What are you talking about?" Spanx cried. "How is Bishounen interfering?"

"I was responsible," he said, dreamily. "Responsible for Kryogg testing and maintenance. My superiors told me to test it on all non-Ta-jin that came on board the ship. I tested it on one human, eighteen years ago. Nothing. Yes, the Kryogg does give Ta-jin superior strength, but to humans, nothing. I decided that nothing could come of it. Then, your friend contacted it. When I became aware of his increase in strength that out-powered even our finest Ta-jin warriors, I thought that by giving him amnesia, his powers would be eliminated. But, by doing so, the power tapped into his psyche. If he ever feels the need to be strong, the Kryogg will take over and he will lose control over his own body."

After the long-winded doctor had finished, no sound was made until Omae O Korosu realized something.

"Does that mean.." She gasped. "What about amputating his finger??"

"I planned to inject him with a lethal chemical and be rid of him. I figured none of you would protest, if you thought I was performing a semi- normal procedure." Kame shrugged. "I guess I'll have to try a less subtle way." He picked up a surgical knife.

I glanced at Bishounen. He was crying, and staring, unbelievingly, at the doctor.

"Why?" Why do you want to hurt me?" he asked, sadly. "They won't be too mad at you for making a simple mistake like-"

"Don't you get it, you dimwit??" Kame interrupted. "I'll be laughed off the ship for a such a careless mistake! The only way out of this mess is to get rid of the evidence!" He threw the knife. My heart caught in my chest. The knife was going to hit Bishounen!

"BISHOUNEN!!" I screamed. "WATCH OUT!!"

I watched in horror. A dark, smoky aura surrounded my husband. He grabbed the knife, just inches from plunging into his chest. There was no shine left in his eyes. They had turned black and soulless.

He glanced coldly at the doctor.


The doctor was lying on the floor, in a pool of blood.


Spanx, Omae O Korosu, and I were freed.

Bishounen's aura faded, and he sank to his knees.

He gasped and looked around as if awakening from a terrible nightmare. I watched as he noticed the bloody knife in his hand and the deceased doctor lying at his feet. The knife clanked on the floor and Bishounen began to attempt to pull out his hair.

"No! NO!!!" he screamed. "I didn't! I couldn't!! NOO!!!!"

I came out of my nausea over the doctor's brutal end and stood up, shakily, watching my husband shiver violently.

Gathering up my courage and strength, I slowly walked over to the panicking figure, crouched beside a lab table.

"Bishounen," I softly whispered, so as not to startle him anymore than a bloody knife and a dead doctor had.

He jerked his head to look at me, a world of fear and pain glittering in his sky-blue eyes. We stopped, as did the world, in that moment. Then, I saw the verge of tears spill from his eyes and he shook his head.

"No!" he cried. "Go away..leave me alone! I wish to die!!" He attempted to scoot himself away from me.

With a look of determination plastered across my sweaty face, I tackled him into a bear hug, and didn't let go. We struggled with each other and finally he gave in and sobbed into my hair.

"Ah Kum!" he wailed. "I didn't do it!!"

I shushed him. "I know, I know. It isn't you. Don't let this get to you. The Kryogg is taking over your body and making you do things that you don't want to do!"

"But I wanted to," he moaned.

"Wanted to what?" I asked, smoothening his hair.

"I wanted to kill him," Bishounen told me. He then fainted in my arms.

After a few moments of staring at my love's unconscious face, I looked over at Spanx and Omae O Korosu, who were both staring at me, their faces deathly pale.

"Spanx?" I wondered, my voice trembling. "Find an escape pod or some kind of way out. I want to get as far away from that black hole as possible."

Spanx nodded and began to type on computer. Omae O Korosu was being uncharacteristically quiet.

She looked at me, solemnly. The oujo opened her mouth, as if to say something, but quickly closed it, and shook her head, sadly.

I shrugged it off, and looked at Spanx. She was intently staring at the screen of her computer. The vampire looked at me, undecidedly.

"Well..." she said, simply.

"Well?" I repeated.

"Just well."

I sweatdropped. "Spanx."

She sighed. "Oh-kay. Look, the escape pods are on the other side of the Kryogg, and I'm not sure that all of us will be oh-kay going past it," she said, openly gesturing.

I peered at Bishounen. "We have to," I told them. "We have to get out of here, and quickly!"

Omae O Korosu nodded, as Spanx sighed again.

"I suppose it's better than sitting in here until someone finds us," the vampire agreed. "Let's get a move on!"

"Bishounen," I whispered, pulling a braid away from his face, "time to wake up."

Omae O Korosu and Spanx began gathering their things. I could see a look of distress and impelled longing on my cousin-in-law's face. She appeared distraught and confused. She's always been such a carefree and indignant person. I can only remember one other time when she acted strangely...


It was my annual Valentine's Day party. The year Bishounen and Omae O Korosu came to live with us. Bishounen and I planned to get married, though we were still dating at the time.

Only my mom's friends and the three of us were there. I really didn't have any friends outside of the POW's and I couldn't locate any of them. Either that or they were too tired or busy.

I made my famous strawberry punch: the kind with a tiny bit of ginger ale. The main ballroom was decorated in hearts, cupids, and pink. My mother was off entertaining her guests, though managing to do a very good job of glaring at Bishounen every three seconds, setting him on a nervous edge.

As could be expected, Omae O Korosu had had a bit too much strawberry punch, and was madly hanging around a pole, swinging her hips and dancing, obliviously.

Bishounen and I stood next to each other, uncomfortably. After all, we were now living together, just across the hall from one another, and seeing a lot of each other, and it was just plain different.

Every now and then a quiet sentiment was passed between us; a slight gesture or word to let the other know that all was right in the world for them.

I would smile, or he would smile, or we'd both smile, or say something to make conversation. And, this was normal, and it was right.

Suddenly Omae O Korosu swung around her pole, holding on by her fingertips, and barreled straight into me.

I cried out in surprise, as I was knocked off balance and plunged toward the floor. I shut my eyes, as a reflex, but abruptly, instead of feeling the bang of the floor hitting my body, I felt something grab the collar of my shirt, and I stopped my decline. The grip was so firm, that I didn't dangle, but was merely supported and it was as if I was floating on a cloud.

I slowly turned my head, to see that Bishounen was holding me by the back of my shirt. The strange thing was he didn't look like he was paying attention at all. As a matter of fact, he looked quite bored and daydreamy.

He caught my glance, cried out in shock, and dropped me.

So, as if unavoidably, I hit the floor. Omae O Korosu giggled.

"Bishounen," she gawked, in a mad giggle fit, "you're using your-" She turned pale-faced. "Excuse me, won't you?" With that, she raced up the stairs, and we saw nothing of her for the rest of the day.


"Ah Kum? Earth to blondie?" Spanx said, waving a hand in front of my face and shaking me from my recollections.

"What?" I questioned, then felt quite stupid. I blushed. "Sorry. I spaced out for a minute there."

"Well, you're the one who said 'let's go,'" Spanx pointed out, irritably. Classic Spanx.

"You're right. Let's go," I agreed, deciding that Bishounen was entitled to rest should he feel like it.

"Ah Kum," a quiet voice said. Omae O Korosu.

I looked at her. "Yes?"

"I have to tell you something," she shyly uttered.

"What?" I inquired.

Right when she was about to tell me what she wanted to say, the doors burst open. And, in stepped..Nova and Kimi??

They looked extremely serious, and ready to pounce on anything that decided to move, until they saw the four of us scattered about.

Then, their faces turned to glee, and relief.

"Bishy!!!" Nova squealed, looking ready to pounce on him.

Kimi shot a look at her and she calmed herself. "You guys are in major trouble!" the brunette cried. "We were sent to annihilate you! It's a good thing we didn't blast you from the outside like Nova originally wanted to."

Nova sheepishly smiled.

"Did you guys get abducted too?" Spanx asked, wrinkling her nose.

"He-LLO!" Nova said, loudly. "We're Ta-jin. This is a Ta-jin ship. After you guys disappeared and the party deflated, we got called away on duty." She paused and posed, striking a hand high into the air. "Our duty to the people of Ta!"

"Oh-kay, enough of that," Kimi hissed, rolling her eyes. "It would be nice if you guys would..you know, LEAVE."

"Why's Bishy sleeping?" Nova wondered, childishly.

I bit my lip slightly. "He got strong and then tired," I explained.

"Wow!" Nova shrieked, amazed at this aspect.

"Care to explain that in un-ditzified language for the rest of us?" Kimi asked, quaintly.

I nodded. "He touched the Kryogg."

Nova lost her cute look and Kimi looked stunned.

"He-" Kimi began.

"Touched her Majesty??" Nova finished.

"Her Majesty?" I echoed.

Nova posed again. "Kryogg is our goddess!!"

"It's a black hole," Spanx said flatly.

"All the more reason for it to be a revered idol!!"

"Don't mind her," Kimi said. "She's been hit on her head over and over and over and over and over and over and over. And over."

"I understand, and I sympathize," Spanx replied.

Bishounen squirmed and looked at me, eyes halfway shut.

"Happy Halloween?" he questioned.

I facefaulted. "Wrong. Remember where we are?"

He saw Nova and Kimi. "Nope."

"Outer space?" I suggested.

"Oh, that's right." He smiled. So did I. I was glad to see that he was feeling better.

Both of us rose to our feet.

"Hi Bishounen!" Nova exclaimed, waving vigorously.

"Hi!" he cried.

"Yes, do you all want to be formerly introduced or can we GO before all our HEADS are WHACKED OFF???" Kimi interjected, hot-headed anger raging in her.

I sighed. "Oh-kay, I'm ready for real. Let's beat it!"

"Let's kick this habit!" Spanx cried.

"Let's blow this pop stand," Omae O Korosu said, non-enthusiastically.

"Let's hit the road!" Kimi shouted.

"Let's catch the other side of this flip!" Nova exclaimed, jabbing her fist upward.

Bishounen looked at a loss as everyone turned to him, expecting a response. "Um..let's leave?"