A/N Another one of my poems! It's one of my experiences of being a dreamer and not being wanted on this plain of existence because of my beliefs and dreams. Hey, I like this truthful line, it's going in my next poem.

A Dreamer:

D: Doing the impossible

R: Reaching for the stars that are so far away

E: Enthusiastic and full of ideas

A: Always looking on the bright side as an optimist

M: Making up escapades with their vivid imaginations

E: Easygoing and dodging things that life may throw

R: Resting and always finding time to scheme and dream

that is until

R: Reality pulls you back

E: Enticing you to join the real world

A: Always showing you the bad things outside of your dreams; making you

L: Live inside the box of life; living

I: Inside the monotonous thing known as routine

T: Tempting you to venture into the harshness of life where

Y: Your alone.

But, I'm a DREAMER.

Are You?

Or are you living in the place called reality?

Where dreams and ideas don't exist.

A/N What did you think? My poems don't rhyme. They're like you feeling my world of writing. Hoped it made sense!