when i look to you,i feel look to me your honey eyes i began to touch your belly covert by your black take my head with your hand and you kiss my mouth and lick my neck and i hold you.
then i unbutton your shirt,in the height of your stomacht,i began to kiss it,i lick your ugly,you began to hold my head,talling me not to stop,meanwhile my hands touch your hips.then my mouth go up,i unbutton the bress zone.
your two candy peaches i began to touch,and you close your eyes and smile for pleasure i got out your brasier,and i began to suck your naples,and you began to wheeze and i hold my head strong.then i finnaly got out black shirt and your magnific figure appear,my mouth began to kiss slowly again from your neck to your belly.then i unbuckle your jean,and i lick your vagine.i put my two hands in your breeses and you hold my hands,i keep sucking your vagine, and you wheeze lounder and lounder,then you pick me put,you take out my t-shirt and you lick my chess,i look your eyes,to you dark hair,you want to exite me,for download the extasis i gave to you,you'll back it to me.
then itake out my trousers and my pants,and you began to suck my pennis,then i lie donw in the fllor,you take out your underwear,and you out on me,and we began to make love when your flower get into my humming bird.
You began to move and to smile,you scream,i scream,we are in the plenitude of our love.
i beagn to touch hold your breess,god,the pleasure is flushing trought my blood,my cells,i can smell it.
then i fell it the pleasure stronger and stronger,and then i fell the holy smile to me and your honey eyes are telling me thank you for love me.

Note:maybe your thinking I kinda sick,but I thing that this could be considered poetry due to the fact poetry is about express feelings and playing with sensations.and if you thinking the title is because of my would be girlfriend, I could say yes.