I wear the Mask of Death. That is what I call my face. Though it is beautiful and enchanting, it is the Mask of Death. For I am a vampire, the Mother of Vampires to be precise. However, this was not by my will. I had no choice in the matter. It was a curse forced upon me. Six thousand years ago I was Born into Darkness, as we call the birth of vampires. Because we come from darkness, many people call us the Children of Satan. They associate darkness with Hell and assume that is where we come from, but it's not.

We have many names you could call us, for instance you might call us The Children of Darkness, Creatures of Forever, Angels of Darkness, Keepers of Death, Dark Angels, Children of the Night, or Angels of Death. But we are not in any way the Children of Satan and calling us that is very much the same as giving yourself a death sentence.

I am the first vampire and one of the last. Six thousand years ago I met the Tylomori Demon. Lamech was his name. And at that time I met him, I did not know that he was the Tylomori Demon. Nor did I know that his evil would change my life forever.

I remember that day well, the day I met him. He seemed harmless then, I never could have guessed that one man could hold so much power and possess so much evil, especially not him. When we met, he seemed the perfect gentleman. But I never was good at making judgments, not then at least.