I finally found out
what the damned word meant
and I was surprised
to find out
that I had it.

Haha, you're probably
thinking something
awfully sick,
but no—
oh, no—
I simply mean

An ugly word
such that it is
but one that gets down
to the bitter
and forces me to see
that this is a
one that must be solved
lest I be swallowed up
in self-pity
and ultimately

Author's Notes: It's a shorty, written a while ago, but it seems as though it was a warning to myself (after looking up the definition of "nostalgia"). It's pretty self-explanatory. I do believe it was brought on by something written by "in other words" (in my favorite authors), but I can't remember quite which. o_O Sorry. That's basically it, though; any questions or comments send a review and/or an e-mail, you know the drill. Arigato! ~MJ
Date of Composition: frankly, I have no idea XD