Jacket (Weather or Not)

'Twas not so long ago
that day of thunderous fate
that loomed upon us like a dark cloud
ready to burst with the rains of our futures
whether we were ready for the
weather or not.

We left behind the days
of our adolescent woes--
like "what music should I listen to?",
"how stylish are my clothes?"

It was the day of graduation
for each a brief moment in the public eye
as we walked across the stage
then had to get on with our lives

Everyone was glad to give up
the standardized tests and Shakespeare plays
but it wasn't quite as easy
when our friends all went away...

And most of the sweethearts parted ways,
no exception were you and I--
the risks of life and love were great;
it didn't matter how hard I tried (or cried).

I called you many times, but oh
somehow we drifted apart;
but I've still got that jacket you gave me
and you've still got my heart.

'Twas not so long ago
those days full of thunderous fate
and while they're nothing but mummified memories now
brought alive only by scanner and pictures,
if you were to ask me, I'd still stay with you
weather or not.

Author's Notes: This was originally written for the now seemingly obsolete Gods and Goddesses contest. I was supposed to use these ten words in a poem: jacket, mummified, public, scanner, graduation, called, days, plays, woes, and risks. I'd say I did an okay job. ^_^
About the dual meaning--I just somehow stumbled upon the whole "weather or not" pun, but I thought it was pretty clever of me, actually. ^_^ I hope you thought so, too.
A note about the rhyming--in the middle verses it's obvious, but if you match up the first and last verse, the third line of the first verse rhymes with the third line of the last verse, the fourth line rhymes with fourth line, etc. Just to clear that up. ^^ That's all I'll say--questions go to my listed e-mail address, you know it. ^_^ Ja! ~MJ
Date of Composition: Sunday, August 11, 2002, approx. 10:30 p.m.