A Socratic Commentary On Evil

When you think of evil,
What do you see?
Is it glowing red eyes
Or a sharp grin of glee?

When you think of evil,
What do you hear?
A ferocious demon's roar
Or a shrill scream of fear?

When you think of evil,
What do you feel?
A sensuous tingle
Or violent peals

Of a laughter so dark
Its echoes are reflected?
But did you ever stop to think
That it might be unexpected?

Did you think that evil
Could creep up on you,
That temptation could take you
Before you even knew?

Be wary, for darkness
May look just like light;
The blindness of humans
Is eternal plight.

So before you take pleasure,
Sunshine over rain,
Remember this warning—
Or suffer the pain.

Author's Notes: Konnichiwa, minna-san! ^^ Firstly, I called this poem a "Socratic commentary" because it was written using mostly questions—Socrates was notorious for teaching with questions, which was basically what I did here. Besides, doesn't it make this poem sound a heck of a lot snappier and more profound than it actually is?? XD ^_~ This isn't my best rhyming piece at all, I don't think—I wrote it a while ago, but still I believe it could be much better. I might edit this in the future to make it better, but I'm not sure. Thanks for reading, though *bows* and if you have a suggestion, by all means send it to me! ^_^ Domo arigato! ~MJ
Date of Composition: meh, I dunno.