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Ch 1

The bell rang, a harsh ringing sound that seemed the cue for chaos in the room. And perhaps the rooms surrounding it as well. Noone in the room at the time could have said, as the noise was too loud to even hear one's self think.

"Hey, Lazzy, why don't you come out and play with us after school?" They laughed at him as they passed, all eventually wandering outside, back to the places they belonged to, or, more appropriately, the places they could hang out at without being run out right away.

Lazerus collected his books and followed their path out the door. He ignored the look he could feel the teacher giving him. Pity, mostly. It was always pity. Pity for the poor boy who would never fit in, who looked almost too pale, thin, and sick to be moving around. Pity for the boy who was constantly the victim of some minor newbie gang that wanted kicks, or, so the rumors went, his dad's anger and loathing of his existence and the fact that he was too weak to be any of the things he had wanted him to be. Pity for the poor friendless kid who spent all the free time given to the kids in the library, reading whatever book had caught his eye that day.

His skin was so pale, it almost hurt to step out into the heat and sunlight of the desert that surrounded, enveloped, swallowed the little town. Why his dad had chosen here to live, he would never know. His father constantly complained about the intense heat. He drank even more than they had at home. Home. Downtown New York. He'd learned to survive there. He blended in fairly well there, and his looks scared off most of the weirdos that lurked about, waiting for teenagers like him. But here... He didn't know the first thing about this place. Except that it seemed a general rule that anyone not related to the majority of the town was an outsider, namely him and about six other kids in the school, and if you didn't play sports, fight, or hang onto those who did, you were the target of anything they might come up with. That left him. He shifted his backpack. He really shouldn't hang it from just one shoulder like that. It was bound to take its toll eventually, with all the books in it. He really didn't need them, he'd finished all his work in class long before any of them ended, but it was safer than leaving them at the mercy of any of those morons who happened to be able to pick open lockers.

"Hey, La-zer-us."

He paused, cringing at the fact that they could come up with nothing more creative than "Lazzy" and a drawn out version of his name.

"Where yah going? Back to your mama? Too scared to play with the big kids?"

He turned slightly, only enough to see them out of the corner of his eye. "What do you want?"

It was only one guy, a boy from class, Brian Oakes. Brian sneered. "Come play with us, fag boy. Show us you're not the sissy everyone thinks you are."

Lazerus wondered at the offer. No one else had ever offered that before. The just flat out beat him up, no offer of a reward for fighting back, no warning beforehand. Even if it had come with the usual insults, perhaps Brian was a semi decent person. But as he studied him, and remembered his group, he knew he could never take them all on, and a willing fight on his part could mean even more severe punishment from home if he ever found out. He turned away. "No thanks."

"One on one."


Lazerus didn't see the disappointment in Brian's face. "You sure? Maybe they're all right about you, sissy. Fag boy wimp." Well, at the very least he was a bit more creative with insults than the others were.

"I said no."

"Lazerus, come on. I'm giving you a chance. Please take it."

Lazerus looked up. So this was how some people acted away from the group. He was a decent person.

"Thanks for the offer, but I can't risk fighting."

"You're sure?"


Brian turned away from him. "Fine. Your funeral." And he stalked away, going back to blend back into the group of juvenile delinquent wannabes. Lazerus turned toward home.


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