By:Andrew Troy Keller

I was Dr. Louise Carlin,a psychologist in Chicago.
That was before I've met Margo
Jagger, who was a sergeant in the US Army.
She claimed that she had been attacked by a different enemy--
A strange-looking bat--no more than a month ago.

She was unprepared for the attack.
Even after it had landed on her back
And sucked blood out of her body. As soon
As it was over and the bat flew away by the light of the moon,
Margo realized that something was different about that attack.

The next day, Margo had suddenly felt weak
And had gone to seek
Answers with help from Harold Jagger,
Who was both a scientist and her
Brother. He was shocked to see Margo so weak.

He had tested her blood to see if it was okay.
But instead, he had noticed the blood being different on that day.
And then, after he had seen her become an almost lifeless heap,
Harold had told her to go home and try to get some sleep.
And she had done so, keeping her body covered along the way.

After she got home, she had climbed into her foot locker
And slept peacefully, while everything else moved around her.
Then, when day had transformed itself into night,
Her roommate, Crystal Lincoln unknowingly returned to a place of fright,
For she was unaware of the danger
That was--in the next room--awaiting her.

After she had placed her college student textbooks
On the table, Crystal had gone to look
In on Margo, who was sitting in a corner
With her arms wrapped around her
Body and--on her face--a very frightened look.

When Margo saw her,
She had told Crystal about last night's unusual encounter
With a strange-looking bat
And her condition which happened after that.

And then, after she had heard the whole tale,
Crystal had helped her poor pale
Friend up from the floor, took her
Into the bathroom and prepared a warm bath for her.

After it had been prepared,
Crystal had removed Margo's clothing until she was bare.
And then, she placed Margo into the bathtub with such care.

And after she was done washing Margo's hair,
The two friends gleefully splashed away without care.
And as soon as the joy of laughter had filled the whole hub,
A playful Crystal had joined her friend in the tub
And embraced her friend who was still bare.

But while they were still in an embrace,
A set of fangs had grown within her face.
And even though she was going to do something she'll dread,
She forced her fangs into Crystal and drank the purest red
Out of her until all color was gone from her face.

After she was through sucking the blood out of her
Roommate, a chillish fear had came upon her,
After she had realized that
Last night's attacker was a vampire bat
And that her condition has been caused by the same attacker.

A month later,
I've received a phone call from her.
She wanted to end her life of fright
And wanted to meet with me on that night.

As soon as she arrived in my office,
There was the look of a frightened deer on her face,
As she had retold the tale to me.
But after she had finished telling me
The tale, I've told her that some other person took her place.

If I had known then what I know now, I shouldn't had
Said that, for after Margo had
Heard that, she laughed her head
Off. And then, her appearance changed to that of obsolete dread.

Her eye color had changed to blood red
And fangs had reappeared out of her head.
After she had placed her hands on my face,
Margo asked,"Would you like to have someone take your place,
Doctor Carlin?"Just then, she began to drain me of my deepest red.

After she had drank me dry,
The transformed Margo had left me to die.
That was--at least--two days ago.
Now, I have no choice but to go
Underground and drain blood out of rats until I really die.

I have no choice but to be
The creature that must flee
Before sunrise
Causes my ultimate demise!