It was a wet December day; it had been raining all week and wasn't showing signs of letting up. I had reviewed a few cases and didn't have to go to court since I had just finished a settlement with my most recent client. It had been a slow week and an even slower day, but other than that not abnormal, at least it had been mostly normal. Till a man visited my office saying he had some important business with me. I would have said no, but something compelled me to let him in and have a talk.

           I invited him into my small office and motioned for him to take a seat in my overstuffed leather chair my clients sat in. I moved behind my desk and took a seat in my chair, a newer version than the one he was in. I stared at him with a great deal of interest.

           The man sitting before me was and odd sight to say the least. He was dressed in a white business suit with a white gold tie, when he moved his long hands to adjust his suit I saw a flash of gold cufflinks. His shoes were a perfect white, not a smudge of blemish on them. I don't know how he looked so clean and shiny on such a wet day. The perfectly tailored suit seemed almost average compared to the man wearing it. His hair was long, silky and only slightly damp it hung around his shoulders loosely curling slightly, suggesting that his hair wasn't naturally that strait. It was the color of polished gold and I kept thinking it couldn't be real. His skin was a soft white gold color; I saw the growing trend when I met his eyes. Much like his hair, they were a brilliant gold. I have met a lot of people and prided myself on being able to read emotions, but his eyes were like glass, cold and emotionless.

           "What brings you to my office?" I asked, trying to be casual and barely succeeding. His voice was much like his eyes, devoid of emotion. "I'm here on business."

           I sighed slightly. "What sort of business?" He stood in one smooth graceful motion; he had to be at least six feet tall. The man walked to my window and stared out in silence for a moment. Finally he spoke. "I work with The Drake Law Firm." He glanced at me and said in a slightly curious voice. "You know about them I assume?"

           "Of course I do. Who doesn't know of Drake Law?" I studied him carefully, trying to figure out the strange man before me. "So, why would the best law firm in the country send one of their people here?"

           He smirked at me ever so slightly and looked back out the window. His slender hands were clasped behind his back, if the wasn't so stiff he would almost appear casual. "I am not a permanent employee. They simply hired me as an independent councilor."

           "Independent councilor?" I asked confused. "What is that supposed to mean?"

           Again he smirked slightly and said softly. "It is simply an overly glorified way of saying; I'm here to interview you, to give them an unbiased report of your skills and integrity." He turned to me and walked to my desk. The way he moved was smooth and flowing, I've never met a man who could move so graceful and elegant. He stopped just before my desk and stared at me so intently that I felt like his eyes were burning into my soul. "They have taken note of your record. You've never lost a case. A position has recently become vacant. They are curious if you could fill the spot, and perform well in it."

           I managed to stay calm and cool, my voice was so casual it surprised me. "Really? They often watch the performance of possible employees?" It was my turn to smirk at him. His reply was very casual.

           "Yes, this is standard procedure. There are others like me checking out more... 'possible employees' at this moment." He moved back to the window then walked back to the overstuffed leather seat and sat down. "You are one of many. Don't feel too special."

           "I'm honored. Really." My sarcasm seemed to amuse him, at least I think it did. His mirror like eyes just stared at me, never changing never showing anything.

           "Well? Does the possibility of working for Drake Law interest you?" He leaned back as he spoke getting comfortable as if he expected to be there for a while.

           I thought about it quickly. There were dozens of rumors flying around about Drake Law, not all of them were very flattering. They had never lost a case in their entire history, and they had been around longer than any law firm in America. Somehow they always managed to win, suddenly coming up with key witnesses and amazing experts that were previously unheard of. There were also favorable if envious rumors about how well their lawyers were paid and the type of benefits they received. Every lawyer dreamed at one point or another of working for Drake Law, they were like an exclusive club that everyone wanted to join and no one knew how. I guess I was just finding out.

           "It's a very tempting offer..." I started to say when he suddenly interrupted.

           "It's not an offer. I am simply finding out if you, pardon the term 'have the right stuff'. If not I will be gone before you realize it. In the unlikely case that you are the right candidate then I will tell my superiors about you and they will decide." He fell silent long enough to give that smirk I was getting used to and finished by saying. "If they receive a slightly more than favorable report from me saying that in my personal opinion you are worthy, chances are you will get the job over anyone-else."

           I sat in silence for a moment digesting his words for a moment. "So... basically I have little say in the matter? It's all on you?" I leaned back kicking my heel up, not even trying to be professional anymore. From what he said, I didn't have much of a chance unless he liked me. My instincts were telling me being fake wouldn't help my chances. So I was dropping all the pretense now before he found out for himself.

           "Mostly. I have read your record. In the professional sense, you are a good lawyer. Considering that it's mostly your mind set. How strong you are, how well you can handle certain situations. If you prove to be psychologically strong enough, then I will add my favor of you in my report." He fell silent and gave me an expectant look.

           "So... now what? You've said it yourself. Now it's all on me, what do I have to do to get your favor?" This man had really captured my curiosity; he seemed completely ruthless and yet at the same time a cultured renaissance man. I was almost glad he wasn't a lawyer himself, I would dread going to court against him.

           "So far you have done well. I see you have decided to stop playing and show your true face. I respect that. You have integrity. What you have to do is allow me to be with you. Spend time with you. Observe you in real world situations. Both in court and out." He got a curious look. "Is that acceptable?"

           "What are you going to do? Follow me around like a lost puppy?" I couldn't help but laugh. "Do I take you home with me!? Out to eat?" I grinned at him.

           He sighed. "I will act as your assistant. You don't have one right now. If anyone asks, that is what my reason for being around you in the professional world. In your private life you can simply call me a friend or whatever you prefer."

           I dropped my feet to the ground and stood walking past him to the window and stared out for a moment. It was still raining like mad. The streetlights reflected in the deep pools of water that were everywhere. The parking lot looked like a sea with expensive cars set adrift in it. I could feel his eyes on my back boring past my expensive tailored gray suit and into me. After a few moments I looked at him. "You're serious aren't you? You're actually planning on being around me as much as possible?"

           He nodded slowly. "Yes. If you prefer I will arrive at your apartment in the morning at the usual time you leave for work and accompany you. Assist you throughout your day then follow you home and leave you when you see fit to be rid of me." His head tilted to one side in an oddly childish manner and asked. "Is that acceptable for you?"

           I couldn't help but grin at him. "So... what do I call you? Other than golden boy?" He stood and moved to my side extending his slender hand to me.

           "Please, you need only address me by my first name. I am Nicholas." A sort of beautiful accent I had never heard crept into his voice when he said his name. I smiled and took his hand, it was cool and soft. Not a single callus or blemish marred it.

           "Hello Nicholas, call me Calla"

           His handshake was firm but gentle. He gave me a half bow and said smoothly. "Beauty."

           I raised an eyebrow and he let go of my hand. As if he didn't notice my puzzled, curious look he moved back to the chair and picked up his white trench coat that was draped across the back. Then he said casually. "That is the meaning of your name. Shall we go now?"

           Chuckling I walked past him and grabbed my briefcase. "You're an odd man to say the least Nicholas." He inclined his head to me and smiled, seeming to find my comment complementarily.

           Laughing I pulled on my coat and walked out of my office in to the pouring rain and made the mad dash to my car. After unlocking the door and quickly climbing in I looked around to see where Nicholas was and found the parking lot completely empty.

           "What a strange man." I chuckled and drove home, eager to climb into bed and find out if this was a dream when I woke up.