Another Year Of Life And Love

Another year within your life
Is drawing to a close,
And remnants come as well to me
Of the day our love arose.

The love so richly poured to me
When first your feelings showed
Has been the force to keep me going
Boldly down life's road.

A love like yours I'd ne'er been shown -
A true gift from above,
One that made my heart cast aside
The sadness of false love.

When first you took me in your arms,
My heart began to churn,
Telling tales of love unmeasured -
A love at last returned.

Now the year when first we embraced
Has quickly passed us by,
Though in its wake it leaves with us
Joy that will never die.

With the coming of this new year,
My heart proclaims this rhyme -
My pride to say my love is yours,
And yours is also mine.