It was hot, very hot. So hot you could see the heat rising off the road. All the animals of the desert were hiding in any bit of shade they could find. Other than the scraggly plants and occasional cactus the place looked devoid of life. For the past five hours I'd been standing beside this road and only seen two semi-trucks, neither one of them had even slowed down, let alone stopped to pick me up.

            By then it was an hour past noon. Only a dry wind stirred the air that gave any sense of movement around me. I was lying on my back with my hat over my face and my travel gear discarded beside me. My water was almost completely gone and I had just started to figure out that I might be in trouble. If someone didn't stop for me soon and get me to some water and shade I might end up dead. That thought should have bothered me. But it was to hot for me to muster up the energy to give a damn.

            I was about to fall asleep when a distant sound jarred me back to consciousness. It sounded like a deep throaty roar. The noise was too distant to really make out but it didn't take me long to realize that it was an engine. And that meant that there was someone coming my way. I sat up, pushing my hat back to the top of my head and looked up the road. At first there was only the sound gradually growing louder to assure me that someone was there, and then the figure of a motorcycle and its rider crested the hill.

            Instantly I was on my feet waving frantically hoping that they would stop for me but half not eager to sit behind a fat smelly biker. The bike roared up to my side and stopped. I couldn't help but stare slack-jawed at the rider. She removed her helmet and a long corn-silk blond braid fell over her chest between her ample breasts. Her eyes met mine and I'd never seen a person with eyes so blue and bright. They reminded me of a clear morning sky back at home. Her soft pink lips formed a smirk and she said in the sultriest voice I'd ever heard in my life…

            "What? Shocked to see a woman riding her own bike?" She laughed richly, and I couldn't help but shiver at that sound.

            I actually nodded like the idiot I was and just stared at the vision before me. She was dressed in a black leather cat suit that was covered in silver spider webs. Her boots came up to her graceful thighs and had such a similar design it took me a moment to see where her suit ended and her boots started. The bike she was straddling was a massive hog of some sort; I never was the biker buff and probably would never know what it was. It too was covered in silver webs but had a black widow on the side. Beside the spider in blood red paint it read: "The Death Penalty". Her body was well toned and just curvy enough to warrant being called voluptuous.

            She looked me over, the smirk never leaving her full lips. I was a gangly looking tall guy with not enough muscle on me to fit my broad shoulders. My hair was too brown to be called blond and too blond to be called brown. The last girl I went out with said I had hair colored hair. Having dull gray eyes didn't help with my unspectacular look. Standing six foot seven and being underweight most of my life I just looked permanently awkward. I almost expected her to laugh at me and drive off but instead she gave me an expectant look.

            "Well, are you getting on or not?" Her smirk grew into a lovely smile. I didn't ask any questions, just grabbed my gear and jumped on the bike. Before she put her helmet back on she said in that casually lovely voice.

            "By the way... My name's Kali Wyld. Who are you?"

            I stumbled over my tongue for a second and managed to barely stutter out my name. "I-I'm... Daniel Monty."

            She chuckled softly. "Nice to meet you Daniel. So, where to?"

            "Well... um... right now I'd be happy with any place that has shade and water." She tisked at my comment.

            "Don't doom yourself to the unexpected Daniel. That leaves far too much room open for trouble!" At that moment I didn't realize how true her words were.

            "Hold on tightly!" With that comment she fired up the engine and shot off down the road. I barely clung to her slender waist in time to keep from being thrown off. The bike roared off down the road and all I did was cling to the strange woman for dear life.