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What do you do when you fallen hard for someone? What if that someone was a big no- no? And what if that person already has a girlfriend? But what do you do when all those questions apply to you? Should I follow my heart or attempt to stop my feelings because it's wrong to steal?

            I buried my head into my pillow in attempt to stop all those questions from flowing through my mind. It was slowly driving me crazy. As you can see, I'm currently in a bad situation. I swear, guys cause so much trouble, but I can't friggin' get rid of them! Geez, I wonder why?…

Chapter 1

            * ring, ring * Bleh. Stupid phone. * ring, ring * "Dad, pick uppp phone.."

"Nooo…It's your friend anyways…" my dad replied.

 "Psh, nuh-uh..no idiot friend of mine would call me this early," I grumbled out.

 "Fine, fine. Hello. Yes..she's here. Hold on. It's yours, Mar. and it's a guy..hehhe" my dad said teasingly.

"Shut up," I snapped.

As you can see, my dad acts more like a brother to me than a dad. It's pretty cool actually. He actually plays games and we taunt each other more than we should. What we both enjoy the most is pissing off my mom (his wife..). Shame on us. Oh yea, here I am talking bout my dad and it's suppose to be about me. Anyway, my name is Marie Chen, but people call me Mar for short. I'm 5 ft. 3 inches, pretty damn short, but I guess it's tall for an Asian. My black hair is shoulder length and usually swept into a ponytail. And I don't think you want to hear about my appearance anymore… So let's get back to my wonderful phone call.

            "Yo," I greeted the person on the phone.

            "Mar?…" the person questioned.

            "Ummm..you are?.."

            "Awwww you don't remember me…."

            "Oh My god!? Justin?!! Is that you??" I exclaimed, "Where have you been?? Man, I thought you died or something. Geezus god, I missed you like hell ya kno that boi?? Ahhhhh!!"

            I could hear someone chuckle over the phone. "Calm Mar. And to answer your questions, I'm not Justin.

            "WHAT THE FUCK?!! Dewd, you better be joking or else, I'm gonna kick your ass for not telling me earlier before I made a foo' outta myself." Damn. Please let this be a joke. If this isn't, I'm going to be so freakkin' embarrassed. Ugggh.

            Then I heard him burst into laughter. "grrrrr!" I growled into the phone and yelled, "Justin, the next time I see you..you're..umm..you're gonna get your ass kicked so bad that..Argg I don't know!! But still..i oWn you Boi!" I managed to exclaim before I started cracking up from how pathetic I sounded.

            Justin tried to stifle his laughter before he said, "Mar..you're still as gullible as ever.." I turned red when he said that. It was true though. There must be a record of how many times he tricked me. I swear, he would do the same tricks everyday (back when we still hanged out), but I'd still fall for it. Bleh.

            "Gah..shut up. Anyway, Wassup with you?"

            "Nuttin' really.."

            "C'mon, there's gotta be more than that. I mean, shitz, we haven't talked to each other for more than 5 months and you're telling me that nothing happened?? You so gotta be kidding because I won't believe you that nothing happened. And I still DON't know why you disappeared off the face of the earth. You better got a good reason big guy!" I yelled into the phone.
            "Owww..my ear..you DO know that I don't want to be deaf yet, right?"

"haha..continue" I answered sarcastically.

"Well, it's true that nothing much happened." Justin sighed on the other end of the phone. "I mean, stuff happened, but nothing worth telling. Like the fact that Jessie still don't want me ta..erm.nevermind.."

            I interrupted him, " What don't Jessie want???"

            "ermm..umm..nothing..I..uh..meant..Jessie don't want me going away. Yeah, that's right.."

            "Don't Lie, Justin. What didn't your girlfriend want??" I could see right through him. He was hiding something. Even if I haven't seen or talked to him for a few months, I still knew him. He wasn't telling me something.

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