Embassy Escape By Gahzskul Thruka

[Author's Note: I was in a strange mood when I came up with this idea, and I've been thinking of a storyline for a few weeks now, so this may be kind of weird.]

[Author's warning: I intend to make this fairly violent, and although this is just writing, I know some people who can be disturbed by written violence, although this is pretty mild.]

            Private Kyle Benson stood with his back pressed against the corner of a brick building, breathing heavily, gripping his M16 with both white-knuckled hands. He glanced around him at eh remainder of his squad. Out of the ten men who had entered this god-forsaken city to evacuate the embassy, only 6 remained. Himself, Sergeant Pat Bergess, and Privates Mat Henson, Tim Grady, Paul Thompson and Louis Greneau. Kyle poked his head around the corner, and quickly ducked back behind the building as soon as he heard the firing of an AK47 ring out, shortly followed by the sound of bullets striking the wall. Several also ripped through the air just inches away from him, burrowing themselves into the ground.

"I count two, sir. They've got the roof four buildings down on the opposite side. Could be others." He said in a voice short of breath.

"Damn. Looks like the bastards have us pinned down from that direction. Except…" Sergeant Bergess looked at Private Henson, "you got any grenades left, boy?"

"Yes sir."

"Ok, you're up. Aim for the fourth building on the left, and blast it." Ordered Bergess.

"Yes sir." Acknowledged Private Henson as Kyle moved back, watching Henson move up and load a grenade into the launcher below the barrel of his M16. He peeked around the corner and raised the weapon into a firing position, and fired. A seconds later the explosion rang out, followed by the sound of falling debris and rubble. Sergeant Bergess turned to the comm. man, Private Tim Grady.

"I want you to get Sergeant Matthews of 5th company on the comm., and get his position, now!"

"Yes sir." Said Grady, getting the radio out. "5th company, this is 2nd company, what is your current location, repeat, what is your current location?"

~5th company is approaching target building from two blocks east, encountering light resistance. We have 0 casualties, but has 2 wounded. What is your status 2nd company?~

"2nd company is holding 4 blocks south of target building, encountering heavy resistance with 4 casualties. We are in cover and about to proceed to target building. Rendezvous at target building in 15 minutes."

~Roger that, 2nd company. See you in 15. 5th out!~

"Alright," said Bergess, "move out!"

Kyle returned to the corner, and stepped out, dropping to one knee, covering Henson and he moved across the street to the cover of the far building, taking up a similar position on the opposite side. Next went Thompson, then Greneau, then Bergess and Grady, followed by Kyle taking up the rear. Once on the other side of the street they moved north, heading towards the embassy. They moved down the small, silent street quickly, eyes alert and weapons ready. About 20 meters down the street, Thompson stumbled when his foot caught on something. He stopped and looked back, seeing it was the body of a dead Somali man. Then movement out of the top of his eye caught his vision. He looked up, and his eyes widened.

"Holy shit! RPG!!!" he yelled just before the others heard the weapon fire, sending a rocket-propelled grenade spiraling towards them. Thompson dropped to his stomach, bring his M60 7.62mm machinegun forward and firing on the two men who had fired upon them. Grady and Bergess dove to the side, landing behind a wagon. Greneau turned and began to utter a curse at the RPG hit a pillar of the building only a meter away from his, throwing him into a pile of garbage. Henson got nicked in the arm by a piece of shrapnel. Kyle ran to Greneau, rolling the man onto his back. Greneau blinked up at him with a dazed look.

"What the fuck was…" began Greneau, before shaking his head and hitting the side of his helmet with the palm of his hand.

"Relax, man. You just got tossed by an RPG," said Thompson, walking up with a smoking M60.

"You probably have shell-shock, but you look fine." said Kyle, turning and staring at where the pillar had been. Now there was just a pile of rubble and a scorch mark.

Grady was looking at Henson, and looked up. "He's good to go. How's Greneau for moving on?"

"He's good b the looks of him." Said Kyle.

"Alright, lets keep moving," ordered Bergess, waiting for the men to help Greneau to his feet before moving on. They moved a few blocks down the street, going through two intersections which they moved through carefully. After the second intersection, then moved along the street, when they suddenly head the shouts of men ahead of them. About 20 meters down the road, ten men came around the corner of a building on the opposite side of the street, all armed, one with an RPG. One man shouted and pointed to them, and the others turned and looked. The man with the RPG fired.

"Cover!" shouted Bergess, diving behind a car parked on the side of the road. Kyle dove down after Bergess, turning to Greneau dive in the other direction, along with Thompson. Grady dove and landed next to Kyle. Then Kyle saw Henson get hit square in the chest with the RPG. The RPG ripped through him, then exploded on the wall behind him, sending his already ripped apart body fragments to scatter in a spray of crimson fluid. The men of 2nd company were showered with Henson's blood and body-parts as the gore rained on the area. Then the other men were firing upon them. Greneau heaved and threw up where he had landed, causing his vomit to mix with the puddle of gore and blood around him. Kyle felt something hit him, and looked down, seeing Henson's forearm and hand lying next to him. Kyle's stomach heaved, but he resisted the urge to puke, and instead lifted his M16 and fired at the hostile men on the opposite side of the street, as did the others. They heard shouts coming from further up the street, and several dozen more men came around the corner, firing on the soldiers.

"Fall back into the building!" shouted Bergess, moving backwards, still firing on the hostiles. Kyle remained by the car a moment, covering the others as them ran into the building and took up firing positions at eh windows and a hole in the wall. He then turned and moved into the building, stumbling as an RPG blew up a few meters behind him.

"Sir," shouted Grady, "we need to get rid of that RPG!"

"Benson, Grady, concentrate your fire on that RPG!"

"Yes sir!" said Kyle.

He and Grady went to the windows on either side of the door, while Bergess remained at the door, firing out at the hostile Somali men, which now numbered about 30. Thompson was next to Grady at the window, and Greneau was next to Kyle at the other. The stood firing from opposite sides of the window. Greneau's clip emptied, and he looked down, grabbing a new clip. Kyle looked over and saw Greneau bring his weapon up to fire again, just as several bullets impacted on his face. Kyle was struke by a piece of Greneau's now destroyed head as the back of Greneau's skull exploded outwards in a blast of blood, gore, pieces of bone and brain, and metal, along with several teeth which had been blown back by the bullets. Greneau's body slumped sideways against Kyle, smearing the still spurting blood over his. The warm liquid covered Kyle's combats as he let out a scream of panic and shoved Greneau's headless, still bleeding body off and stumbled back.

"Holy shit sir!" he screamed, "Greneau just got blown away!"

"Shit!" cursed Bergess, "Private Kyle Benson, you will continue firing."

"Yes sir." He replied in a shaky voice, stepping over Greneau's body and back to the window, and firing at the enemy, catching one in the chest, causing his comrades behind his to be sprayed with blood and gore. The man screamed and stumbled forward before Bergess's shot took him through the head, blowing out his skull in a similar way to Greneau's. Kyle took a step to the side, leaning against the wall, panting. He was Kyle Benson. A soldier. He was faced with death every day. He couldn't let the death of a comrade cause him to fail his squad. He had to keep going. Private Benson reloaded his clip, then stepped out into the window, feeling the growing puddle of Greneau's blood under his boots, causing him to slip slightly. He then opened up with his M16, firing into a small group of hostiles, causing a wave of blood to spray from several of them. They fell into a heaping pile of screaming dying and gored dead, a heap of blood and crimson corpses.

Grady took careful aim as the man with the RPG reloaded, and raised the weapon, ready to fire. He then shot a round directly into the RPG launcher just at the man fired. The grenade went off inside the launcher, blowing it apart, along with most of the man. Bits of the man showered his comrades, and another man dropped to his knees, holding his neck where a bit of shrapnel has embedded itself in him. Then some of the other men turned and began to run, leaving the one with the shrapnel in his neck trying to call after them, but all he could do was gurgle and convulse as he slowly choked on his own blood, desperately trying to breath. His eyes grew wider as he fell onto his side, panicking, desperate for air. Private Benson watched the man with a neutral face and cold eyes, waiting until he was dead in a pool of his own blood before firing at the remaining men. Thompson's M60 ripped into a group of them who were turning to run, mowing them down before they got more than a few paces. Bergess picked off another two men, and Grady and Benson took out one more each. They all stood there, breathing heavily, eyes flicking back and forth, looking for another enemy. All was quiet. The street seemed silent. Benson moved to the door, and peeked out, looking both directions down the street, then moved out to the cover of the car, holding his weapon ready. Next out was Bergess, moving behind a small wooden market stand, coving the opposite direction Benson did. Next came Thompson, taking up position with his M60 behind some metal barrels. Then came Grady, ducking down behind Bergess.

"We need to get moving," Said Bergess, "we need to secure the embassy. Move out! Benson, you're on rear-guard. Thompson, you have point."

They began to move down the street again. The embassy building could be seen two blocks away. They moved along the wall. Twice they had to stop as a  hostile Somali fired at them then ran off into an alleyway or building. Finally they were only a half a block away from the embassy building, and they could see the other companies taking up positions around the grounds or on the roof.

"This is 2nd company to all units at the embassy, we are approaching from the south, do not fire."

~This is 1st company. We are covering the south. We will hold fire. You are clear to come on in.~

~This is 3rd company on the roof. Hurry your asses up! We can see you, but we have groups of armed Somalis coming up on the streets on either side of you. If you don't get here in the next minute or so, they'll cut you off. Come on!~

"Roger, we are proceeding, 2nd company out!"

"Alright men," said Bergess, "let's move!"

The four remaining soldiers of 2nd company moved forward, running down the street. A Somali ran out in front of them, but dropped with two slugs from Grady's M16 before he could fire his AK47. Within a minutes 2nd company was entering the gates of the embassy, which were closed behind them.

"Welcome to the U.S. embassy, Sergeant Bergess. You and your men are the last to get here." Said Sergeant Togan of 1st company.

"Well, we were a bit held up."

"Looks like, from the state of you. C'mon. We'll need to cover this side from the Somalis coming up the streets." Said Togan.

Bergess turned to his men. "Let's get on the wall. We need to hold here until our air evac gets here."

With that, 2nd company mounted the embassy wall, which was several meters of concrete and metal, with guard towers on each of the four corners, and room for men to move along the top, with a rampart to protect anyone on top. 2nd company positioned themselves on the wall, and opened up on the Somalis once they emerged from the streets. A major firefight ensued. Men died on both sides, although most of the soldier casualties were from Somalis with RPGs, though the occasional man fell to a bullet. Along with the 4 men from 2nd company and the 9 men from 1st company, there was also 30 other soldiers who had been dropped to hold the embassy until support arrived, and 15 of those were on the south wall, as that's where most of the fighting was. After about 45 minutes of fighting, the streets quieted down as the Somalis fell back and began their prayer. Just as they started prayer, the soldiers heard the sound they'd all been praying for. The sound of helicopters. The sound of their way out.

Ten helicopters flew above the buildings of the city, circling around the embassy before landing on the embassy grounds and roof. 2nd company moved back and into the building, heading to the roof to supervise the evacuation of the embassy staff, along with 3rd company. 1st Company moved off the wall and covered the evacuation of more of the embassy staff before they too mounted the choppers. The ground choppers had lifted off and were heading out, as had the first set of roof choppers. Another three of choppers were now on the roof. One for the remaining embassy staff, the other two for 3rd and 2nd company. The embassy staff and 3rd company's choppers had lifted off, and 2nd company was moving across the roof to their chopper, then the door to the roof suddenly burst open, and several Somalis ran onto the roof, firing at 2nd company.

"Shit! Get to the chopper! NOW!" shouted Bergess, firing at the Somalis as he ran. Benson and Grady ran after him, firing behind them as they went. Thompson turned and opened up with his M60, mowing down 5 Somalis before another coming out of the door managed to get him in the chest with 5 rounds. Thompson dropped to his knees, but kept firing. Another Somali got him in the throat, causing him to fall on his side. He then moved his M60 up and opened fire again, killing 3 more. Benson turned and saw Thompson.

"Paul!" he shouted, firing at the Somalis and he ran to Thompson, kneeling next to him.

"g..go" coughed Thompson, barely able to get the words out through the blood gurgling in his throat.

"Hold on, man, you're not dying here."


"No! Stop talking, you need to save your breath!"

Another bullet took Thompson in the arm, and he winced in pain. Benson looked up and shot the Somali who had fired in the head, leaving every Somali on the roof dead, though he could hear more climbing the stairs. Thompson grabbed Benson's arm and pulled his close to his face.

"G….g….g…get o..out of h..he…here Kyle!"

"No! We're not leaving you!"

Private Kyle Benson stood up, pulling out a grenade and pulling the pin free before lobbing the grenade through the door and into the stairwell to the roof before kneeling and reaching under Paul Thompson's arms, lifting him up, and dragging him to the waiting chopper. He heard a Somali scream before the grenade when off, killing at least 5 men as it did. Grady and Bergess jumped out of the chopper and took Thompson, putting him in the chopper.

"Private Kyle Benson, you're one stupid fuck!" said Sergeant Bergess, "but you're one hell of a soldier. Now let's get the hell out of here!"

With that. Bergess and Grady climbed back into the chopper, and Benson was beginning to climb in. The chopper lifted off just as 3 Somali men ran onto the roof and fired, catching Benson in the back. Benson screamed and slipped, falling back but managing to catch onto the landing bar of the chopper. He wrapped his arms and legs around it, but was hit in the left shoulder but another bullet, causing his arms to let go. He now hung upside-down from the landing bar, held only by his legs. He had hooked his feet onto each other, and now hung, facing down at the Somalis, with his M16 dangling but it's strap. He looked at it, then grabbed it and opened up on the men on the roof, killing them, and then four more who came through the door to the roof. He then forced himself up and wrapped his good arm around the landing bar, and Grady and Bergess pulled him up and in, putting him next to Thompson and closing the door to the chopper as it flew over the city, tending to the wounds of the two injured men. Kyle, stunned from being shot and losing a lot of blood, fell into unconsiousness next to Thompson.

- - Several Hours Later - -

Bergess walked into the medical ward of the military base and walked in between Benson and Thompson's beds. Benson sat up against his bed and saluted the Sergeant.

"Hey, Benson. How're you feelin?"

"I'm fine, sir. They got me pumped full o' morphine."

"Yeah, that'll do it."

"How's Thompson?"

"He'll live, thanks to you, though he'll have trouble walking. One of the bullets went through his stomach and hit his spine, He'll be able to walk, but he'll probably need a cane."

"Poor guy."

"Hey, it's better than being dead."


"Alright, you need some sleep. Rest up. I want my men out of the med bay as soon as they can, so get well and get out."

Benson chuckled. "Yes sir!"

Bergess laughed and patter Benson on the shoulder and turned to leave, but Benson stopped him at the door.

"Did everyone get out alright, sir?"

Bergess paused. "No," he said, "three choppers were shot down by Somalis with RPGs on the way out of the city. Seven out of the forty-some-odd people made it out and to the military camp. Five embassy workers and two soldiers."


"Yeah." Said Bergess gravely, "but we escaped the embassy and saved a few hundred people, so we still did good."

"I guess you're right sir."

"You rest up, Benson."

"Yes sir."

With that, Bergess walked out of the room, and Benson lay back, letting the morphine drift him into sleep.