You Do or You Don't?

~2 days before the wedding~

Victoria Milton stood there, leaning against the balcony, gazing at the streetlights that shined from the city while in deep thought. Latrice Harper, one of her good friends, snuck up behind her and tapped her on the shoulder.

Victoria jumped, startled.

"Hey, Vikki! What's up?"

"The sky."

"Don't be a smart ass! Now tell me what the hell is wrong with you."

"Nothing" - she paused - "It's just that I was wondering if Kevin was the one? Do I wanna marry him and spend the rest of my life with him?"

"Sure, you do. Y'all make a cute couple." Latrice felt herself gag as those words came out of her mouth. She honestly didn't believe that. "Well just be happy you got a man and gettin married."

"Yeah, I guess," Victoria replied skeptically. "I shouldn't worry about it."

"Yeah! There you go!" Latrice said. "Well, I'ma go back inside. You gonna be okay?"


Victoria watched as Latrice went back inside the church.

"If Kevin knew all the bullshit I've been doin behind his back," Victoria said to herself. She lit a cigarette from out her purse and purse and puffed on it for a while.

"If he only knew," She mumbled again, then threw it into the night.


"Man, Kevin, I still can't believe yo skinny ass gettin married!" Tony Thomson exclaimed. "Especially to Victoria."

"Yeah, I can't believe it either," Kevin Beecham responded. "But I really like her. In fact, I'm in love with her."

They were sitting at a table, in the basement of the church. Everyone had gathered there after the wedding rehearsal.

"Man, I couldn't get married now. I'm happy with my boo Tashaniquia. She do everything I tell her. She suck my dick, whatever."

Now Tashaniquia Jones had a tower full of weave on her head, a big gap between her front teeth, Tony described her as "thick," and she had a big booty.

"Tashaniquia! Bring yo big ass over here!" Tony yelled.

Tashaniquia walked toward them with a plate full of fried chicken wings and collard greens.

"Y'all ain't got no hot sauce up in this joint?" she asked in her ghetto fabulous voice.

"Don't worry bout it. Just sit here on my lap."

Tashaniquia sat on Tony's lap. Tony looked like his lap was going to break as Tashaniquia devoured the plate of food. Meanwhile Kevin had a look of disgust on his face.

"Now, tell me you wouldn't get with a girl like this," Tony replied and licked the back of Tashaniquia's neck.

"Oooo, stop it Tony!" she giggled.

"Man, please!"


Victoria entered the women's bathroom. In the section between the stalls and the door sat her friend Ashley White on the sofa, breast-feeding her baby, which by-the-way, the baby's daddy was Victoria's older brother Terrance. Victoria was still upset over that fact, but tried not to let it get to her.

"You ready to get married?" Ashley asked. She buttoned up her shirt, put the baby on her shoulder, and began patting the baby on his back.

"Yeah," she said blankly. She put some more lip-gloss on.

"Oh, I can't wait until my wedding! It's gonna be da bomb!"

"Yeah, I'm sure it will be."

Ashley stared at her. "What's gotten into you, well besides Kevin's penis?"

Victoria stared hard at her.

Ashley giggled. "I'm just playing! But really, what's wrong? Are you still mad because I got pregnant by Terrance?" Ashley failed to mention that Victoria caught them in the act in her bed. Just then the baby burped.

"No!" she snapped. "In fact I could care less!"

"Well, you don't have to yell, Vikki," said Ashley as she cuddled the baby boy.

At that moment a toilet flushed. Cherrelle Shaw came out the stall. She was very jealous of Victoria since she was marrying Kevin, and Cherrelle was in love with Kevin. Cherrelle glared at Victoria as she exited the washroom.

"Nasty ass bitch didn't even wash her hands," noted out Ashley.


"You can order anything you want."

"Well, I know that," Latrice told Jordan Shaw as they were walking to the table.

They were at an expensive restaurant. Since Jordan had won the lottery somehow, he had been "bling-blinging."

They sat at a table.

"A waiter will be with you momentarily," the man said.

Latrice glanced on the menu. She thought about ordering the most expensive thing on it.



"I need to talk to you."

"What is it?" she asked in a singsong, irritated voice.

"I-I-I - will you marry me?"

"What?!" she exclaimed in shock.

"I said will you marry me?" He pulled out a ring with an enormous diamond on it.

Damn! she thought.

Jordan placed it on her finger. "So, will you?"

"Uh..I don't know, Jordan. I gotta think about it." Latrice twirled the ring around her finger.

Jordan was heart-broken.

"I'll inform you on my decision later, okay?"

"Okay," he muttered back.


Victoria climbed in the bed, beside her husband-to-be.

"2 more days until we're husband and wife," Victoria proclaimed, trying to sound optimistic.

"Yep, you'll be my wifey."

Kevin reached over and kissed her.

At first it was a nice soft kiss. Then they started kissing rapidly, unbuttoning each other's shirts, and unzipping jeans.

They were completely naked. Kevin got on top of her and commenced sliding his penis inside her. He moved his penis in and out of the opening. They both commenced breathing heavily, their orgasms approaching.

Sweating off of Kevin's forehead dropped onto Victoria's.

"Oh, Kevin." Victoria moaned as she wrapped her legs around the middle of Kevin while she moved with him.

After a few minutes, exhausted, Kevin stopped and collapsed adjacent to her.


"Come on, baby, gimme a kiss."

"Gimme got shot!"

"Well. may I have a kiss?"

"Uh., I'm thirsty. I'ma `bout to go get some ice for my water."

Latrice hopped out of bed. She grabbed the bucket for the ice.

Hurry back, honey," Jordan called and blew kisses.

Latrice felt like she was going to hurl.

She smiled weakly and replied, "Okay."

She left the room. You see, Victoria's and Kevin's wedding was being held in Clearwater, Florida. Now, of course, nobody who was or going to the wedding including Kevin and Vikki lived there. So everyone stayed at the hotel.

As Latrice walked down the hall, she met Brittany Tillman and Tamika Abrams.

"Hey, Brittany. Hey, Tamika. Where y'all going?"

"We're going to the movies," Tamika answered.

"Yeah. Tyray has headache, so that's why Tyray ain't goin'," Brittany added.

I didn't ask about Tyray, now did I? Latrice thought but didn't say it aloud.

"Oh. Well, I'll see y'all later."

"Alright," they said together and disappeared into the elevator.

Latrice got the ice from the machine. As she walked back to her room, she spotted Victoria tip-toeing into Brittany's and Tyray's room.

"Uh-oh!" Latrice mumbled. She crept to the door and tried to eavesdrop.

"Fuck! I can't hear shit!"

"What are you doing, Latrice?" a voice asked loudly.

Latrice jumped. She looked at the basically emaciated figure.

"Holy shit, Tasha! You scared the hell out of me!"

"What were you doing?"

"Nothing. The ice had fell, and I was picking it up like if it's any of your damn business!" Latrice snapped. She also noticed a fuller figure standing along side of Tasha.

"Oh, hey Luke."


Luke Nydam and Tasha Perry were dressed up.

"So, where y'all been?"

"Like it's any of yo damn business!" Tasha snapped back. She and Luke went to their room.

"Heifer!" Latrice shouted, but Tasha didn't hear it.


Mary knocked on the door.

"Just a minute!" a male's fruity voice called.

Trey opened the door. "Hi Mary!"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah.where's my money?"

"It's over here."

Mary entered the room while Trey went to the dresser beside the bed. Meanwhile his boyfriend Andrew was on the bed, masturbating, while watching a pornographic movie.

"I don't wanna see that," Mary mumbled to herself.

"Here you go Miss Mary, dear," Trey replied in his girl-like voice.

Mary snatched the money. Because, you see, Trey was a male prostitute, who was gay and dressed up in drag. Even though he was gay, he slept with both male and female in his line of work. Mary was his so-called "pimp."

"Trey, at least if you're going to wear women's lingerie, have it match," Mary advised.

Trey had on a black bra with red panties.

"Thanks, I'll remember that."

Mary left, and Andrew turned off the movie. Trey sat on the bed next to him.

"Baby, I be so lonely when you be out doing your job. So, I be watching these kinds of movies."

Andrew kissed Trey and pinched his left nipple.

"Well, you know sweetie, we gotta pay our bills, and ever since I discovered that I liked prostitution, I didn't want to be a scientist anymore. But just think, if I keep making between $600 and $1,000 a night, we can move outta that one bedroom, roach infected, cold-in-the-wintertime, hot-in-the-summertime apartment."

Trey pulled out Andrew's penis and began stroking it.

"Anyway, I'm surprised we were able to even come down here for the wedding," Trey added.

"Me too," Andrew agreed, his voice bouncing as Trey rubbed his balls. "By the way, how did you get that truck driver to drive us all the way down here from Chicago?"

"I gave him a fellatio," Trey responded, using that scientific term. A Fellatio is a blowjob.

That's my boo!"

Trey and his lover French kissed. Then Trey let go of Andrew's penis and got down on his knees in front of Andrew and did what he did best.

~The day before the wedding~

"Man! These eggs taste like bullshit!" Latrice declared.

Victoria, the bridesmaids - Ashley, Brittany, Tamika, Sigourney, and Moniqua, the maid of honor - Latrice, and Tasha were sitting in as booth, eating dinner, at Denny's. The girls had decided to go there after the wedding rehearsal and before the bachelorette party.

"Do you gotta curse?" Brittany questioned.


"I still can't believe you're getting married at the age of 21," Moniqua stated.

She bit into her chicken strips.

"Me neither," Victoria replied and lit a cigarette.

"Hey! Past that pack over here!" Latrice hollered.

Victoria threw the pack at her.


"Y'all smell that? It smells like shit!" Tasha said, sniffing around.

"Close your legs then," Sigourney said and laughed.

"It's probably your breath!" Tasha snapped back. She sipped her Coke.

"Actually little Terrance needs his diaper changed," Ashley said before Sigourney could respond to Tasha's comment. "Plus my baby don't need to be around you smokers," she added.

She stood up and left.

"How come Julian and Jerrell weren't invited to the wedding?" Brittany asked.

"Because they're assholes," Victoria answered and exhaled the smoke out.

"But Tony was invited. In fact, he's the best man, and his an asshole too, right?"

"It's because," Latrice started, "Jerrell murdered Julian, and he's serving life."

"Everyone knew that, dumb ass," stated Tasha rudely.

"Not me!" Tamika said as she nibbled on her fries.

"Well, now y'all now," Tasha replied.

"Hey, look! That man cleaning the table looks like Adam Riddle!" Latrice pointed out.

"Hey, Scabs!" Tasha called out, and the man turned around.

Sure enough it was Adam.

"Why the hell are you working down here?" Latrice questioned. She took a puff of her cigarette.

"Because me and my girlfriend came down here for the wedding and."

"You got a girlfriend?!" interrupted Tasha and laughed.

Adam gave her the finger and continued: "Anyway, we tried to skip out on the bill, but they caught us, and now we have to work till our debt is paid off."

"Stupid ass," Latrice mumbled and took another puff of her cigarette.

"There she is right there - Amy." Adam pointed to a blonde.

"And she's white too?!" Tasha said and started laughing again.

"Me and my Tyray boo wouldn't do nothing like that," commented Brittany, trying to sound "good."

Latrice thought about asking Victoria why she was over at Tyray's room last night but decided against it.

"Who really gives a fuck, Brittany?" Tasha quoted.

"Well, I gotta get back to work," Adam said as he returned to clean the table.

"Bye, Andy!" Tasha said, and the whole table busted laughing.


"When are the strippers gonna get here?" Tony asked Kevin.

"Hold on, man! They'll be here soon. So go sit your horny ass down somewhere."

Tony gave Kevin a look.

They and the rest of the men were in Kevin's and Victoria's hotel room. Meantime, the girls were down in Latrice's and Jordan's room.

There was a knock at the door.

"They're here!" Jordan shouted like a little girl.

"Hey, boys," they greeted in their sexy voice. They began dancing and stripping for the men. One stripper noticed Trey and Andrew sitting in the corner.

"What's with them?" she asked.

"Well, they're gay," Luke explained.

"Why'd they come then?"

"Just because all the men came," Jordan explained. "Plus the girls wouldn't let then come to theirs."

"Hmmm, maybe I can set them straight."

The stripper strode over toward the homosexuals.

"Hi, boys. Any one of y'all want a lap dance?" she asked, ribbing her chest up and down.

"I do!" Jordan exclaimed.

"I was talking to these gentlemen here," she told Jordan. You mean gentlewomen, Jordan thought.

The stripper then removed her bra and started shaking her breasts in front of Trey and Andrew.

"Where'd you get that bra from?" Trey suddenly asked.

"At Victoria's Secret."

"Man, I should go get me one."

"Bunch of fags," Jordan mumbled.


"Shake yo ass. Watch yoself!" Latrice yelled at one of the strippers.

"Man, these strippers here are fine!" Moniqua said, putting emphases on fine.

"But not finer than my boo, Tyray," Brittany said.

"Give it a rest Brittany. Damn!" Victoria stated, annoyed.

Latrice put a $20 bill in the thong of a stripper. Tasha glared at her.

"Look's like someone got money to waste."

Latrice, who was sitting on the bed with Victoria and the rest, enjoying the show, grabbed her glass of wine and marched over to Tasha who was standing by a dresser.

"Like it's any of your damn business if I waste my money!" she yelled. "What the hell is wrong with you? We used to be good friends until -" Latrice paused and grinned, "Oh! Until Jordan got rich and shit, and I got with him because he didn't want yo ass!"

Sigourney busted up laughing, with her glass of wine spilling all over the bed.

"I never wanted that meat-head motherfucker," Tasha declared. "And Sneed, shut yo drunk ass up! At least I gotta man."

"I gotta man too, and he right here," she responded, stroking her hand across the stripper's buff chest.

"You just mad because you ended up with that fat blimp of yours Luke. Hey Tasha, how does Luke know when y'all fucking if he's really sticking it into ya? It could just be a slice of fat that feels like a penis." Latrice chuckled and took a sip of wine. "And his tities are bigger than yours."

Sigourney busted up again.

"Well, Latrice, you have more facial hair than Jordan," Tasha snapped back.

"You son of a bi-"

"Hey! Doesn't that stripper look like the rapper Nelly?" Tamika asked, trying to change the subject.

"Stay out of it, dyke!" Tasha hollered.

"I'm not a dyke!" Tamika yelled back.

"Oh, yeah, right. Everyone knows you kissed Kristina Williams!"

"That's a damn lie and you know it!" Tamika objected.

"Leave Tamika alone! You're really the dyke! Everyone knows you and Aja was getting it on!" Latrice replied. Of course that was a lie.

"Ho!" Tasha threw her glass of wine in Latrice's face.

"Ahhh! Bitch!" Latrice pimp-slapped Tasha across the face. Everyone gasped including the strippers. Latrice waited. expecting Tasha to hit her back. But Tasha didn't. She stood there rubbing the red mark on her cheek.

Tasha grabbed her purse and headed toward the door.

"I'll get you back, four eyes," she warned.

"Come back and slap me back, chickenhead!"

Tasha exited the room with a smirk on her face.


Jordan glimpsed at his watched. "Where the hell are they?"

"They probably still at Victoria's bachelorette party so chill man," Luke replied.

They were sitting at a table at an Italian restaurant. They were waiting for Latrice and Tasha who were supposed to be there 15 minutes ago.

Tasha entered the restaurant and came by there. She had covered the slap mark with mark-up.

"Hey, baby," Luke greeted and kissed her.

"Uh, Jordan, can I talk to you?"

"Um, sure."

"Uh., Luke -"

"Hey, y'all can go somewhere else, can't y'all?"

Tasha rolled her eyes and lead Jordan outside the restaurant.

"Jordan, man, I hate to break it to you but."

Actually I don't, she said in her head.

She took a deep breath. ".the only reason Latrice is with you is because you rollin' in the dough."

"What?! Man, Tasha, get outta here with that shit."

"It's true. How come she was all of a sudden interested in you after you won the lottery?"

Like she would be attracted to your ugly ass, she thought.

"Because.hey! You was tryin' to get with me too."

I was trying to get some money too, dumb ass. she thought again.

"True. But I got my nice big, brown teddy bear Luke now. And how you think I know?"

"I can't believe she would do this to me."

"Well you betta believe it, brotha! So, my advice to is - don't marry her broke ass or ya just gonna get played more."

Jordan made a fist (like he was going to do something) as he said this - "Thanks, Tasha."

"Hey! I'm just lookin' out for my fellow brotha. She was gon to pun that wedding ring.

Tasha went back inside the restaurant while Jordan sat on the bench in front of the restaurant.


"Damn! Jordan's gonna be mad at me! I'm 45 minutes late! If only that skinny ass bitch hadn't taken the damn car."

Latrice was running down the street. The plan was Jordan and Luke was supposed to take the car Latrice and Jordan had rented for their stay in Florida, and Tasha and Latrice was going to take Tasha's and Luke's. But because of their little fight, Tasha took off with the car without her, leaving her to take the bus and walk the rest of the way. Plus time was wasted because Latrice had to change her clothes after the wine incident.

She finally approached the restaurant and recognized Jordan sitting on the bench.

"Hey, Jordan. Why are you out here? Still waiting on a table? I thought we had a reservation."

"Just cut the crap!"

"Huh?" she replied, dumbfounded.

"The only reason yo broke ass is with me is because I got money."

"Whatever gave you that idea?"

"Don't act all innocent! You know it's true!" Jordan exploded.

"Oh, okay! Yes, it is true!"

"How could you do this to me? I love you," he said, more calmer.

"! I don't know!"

"So, I guess this means we won't get married."

"I guess not." Latrice handed Jordan the ring. He snatched it from her.

"Nigga, you ain't gotta snatch!" she commented.

She walked to the entrance of the restaurant. "Well, we do have a reservation. So, I'm still gonna go get my eat on."

"Yeah, get yo broke ass on," he mumbled.

She opened the door. "And besides, I'm not broke, jackass."


"Hurry up, Brittany!" Tamika complained.

"Okay, just let me go get a jacket. I didn't know it was that nippy out. It's supposed to be warm. We are in Florida."

Brittany took the key-card thingy out her purse and slid it into the door-slot thing.

She was shocked at what laid before her.

"Yeah, Victoria. Suck it harder! Yeah, that's it," Tyray moaned.

"Why the hell, Victoria, do you have my man's thingy-thing in your mouth?!"

"Brittany!" Tyray exclaimed as he pulled his pants up. "I thought you were going on a walk."

Victoria got off her knees and wiped her mouth and licked her lips.

"Baby, baby, let me explain," Tyray pleaded.

"You told me you drunk you much alcohol at Kevin's bachelor party and had a headache and didn't wanna go on the walk with Tamika and me. I find you and this slut, who by the way is supposed to be getting married tomorrow, giving you o-or-ral." She couldn't even finish her sentence she was so mad. "Tamika, you can go on the walk if you want, but I have some business to take care of."

Tamika left and closed the door. She heard screaming, hollering, smashing, and crashing as she walked down the hall to the elevator.


Latrice kicked opened the door to the ladies' room.

"Come out, come out wherever you are, bitch," she called out.

At first she thought no one was in there until she heard someone vomiting.

She looked in the stall and saw Tasha, bent over, throwing up in the toilet. Tasha hadn't even noticed Latrice was in there. Latrice spotted a pregnancy test on the counter by the sink. It had a plus sign on it.

Latrice went into the stall, grabbed a hold of Tasha's reddish-brown hair, and plunged her head in the vomit-filled toilet.

"Ahhh!" she hollered, her voice muffled.

Latrice lifted her head up. "You told Jordan I went with him because he rich?"

"It's true. Don't get mad at me," she answered as she spat out the filthy water."

"Don't get smart with me, you skinny ass, pregnant bitch!"

Latrice began beating Tasha's head against the side of the stall.

Just then, an old, white lady entered the washroom. Latrice swirled around.

"Don't tell nobody, ya hear? Or I'll kick yo ass too!" she threatened.

Frightened, the lady turned around and hurried out the washroom.

Latrice threw Tasha's petite body to the floor. "Have you had enough?" she asked, then kicked her in the stomach. Tasha moaned and glanced up at Latrice. Her nose and lips were bleeding, and she had a black eye.

Someone burst the door opened and grabbed Latrice. The old lady had called the police on her.

"Let go of me! That bitch messed up my relationship with my man!"

Latrice fought, but they were able to restrain her and place the handcuffs on her.


Jordan watched as they hauled Latrice in the police car and drove off.

"That's what that bitch gets," he muttered to himself. He was sitting on that bench in front of the restaurant. He had been sitting there for an hour now.

Meanwhile, Tamika was walking down the street, toward the restaurant. She had decided to go on the walk, after all, alone. She needed to get her head free. Tasha did hurt her feelings by calling her a dyke. She and her boyfriend, Eric Wooder, had been arguing about him "supposedly" seeing her and Kristina Williams kissing but, in actuality, it wasn't true. They were just hugging because they hadn't seen each other in a while.

The place where Eric was standing - yeah, it might have looked like they kissed.

Eric was outraged. He started telling his friends that he had seen them kiss. Soon, everybody knew about it. Most people didn't believe it but some people - guessing that included Tasha - believed it.

Eric was still upset about the situation. So he didn't come to Florida with Tamika. He remained in Chicago.

Jordan noticed Tamika. He went to greet her. "Hey, Tamika."

"Oh, hey Jordan."

"So, what are you doin' over here this late at night?"

"Oh, just going on a walk." She stared into his eyes. "Have you been crying?"

"No!" he answered quickly. Of course, that was a lie.

"Well, I know I have."

"Why is that?" Jordan questioned, concerned.

"You hadn't heard about all the b.s. about me and Kristina?"

"Oh, that." "I want you to know, whatever you heard about me and Kristina doin', it ain't true."


There was silence. Tamika didn't mention that she had asked Moniqua yo come on the walk with her. Moniqua said she was too tired from the party. She also asked Sigourney was too drunk. So, she went alone.

Then Tamika spoke. "Oh, Jordan! Before all this crap about me and Kristina came about, me and Eric was thinking about getting married and moving out of our tiny apartment into a house. I heard you design houses. So, I thought maybe you could show me some of your work."

"Uh, sure. But my work is back at the hotel."

"That's okay. I'll go."

"Well, the car is over there."

While Jordan and Tamika walked to the car, an ambulance came in front of the restaurant. Tasha was carried out of the ambulance. It sped away with its siren blasting.


"Her ass was lucky I didn't slit her throat with this knife I carry in my purse," Latrice muttered to herself as she walked down the hallway.

She still had had some money left over from what Jordan had given her. She was able to pay her bail then.

She took the key-card thing out and slid it into the slot.

"All I wanna do is lie down and not say shit too.what the hell?!"

Latrice had walked in right in the middle of Jordan and Tamika having sexual intercourse.

"You shouldn't be surprise, Latrice," Jordan replied as he got off of Tamika and sat up. "I needed somebody who loves me for me."

"Tamika don't love you, do you, ho?"

"No," answered Tamika softly.

"But we comforted each other," Jordan added.

"Comforted each other my ass! Oh well, Jordan. I thought we could have worked out our problems," Latrice said, pretending to be modest.

"You honestly believe that I'd believe that?"

"Well, yeah, baby cakes," Latrice replied as sweetly as she possible could be.

Jordan softened up. (Well maybe I should say hardened up if you know what I mean) He had never been called "baby cakes" before,

Latrice could see that, so she continued the act. Meanwhile, Tamika remained mute.

"We didn't even break-up," she sighed. "Then I catch you in the bed with this slut. For shame."

"Please, Latrice, give me another chance!" he begged, down on his knees.

"Hmmm," she commenced, "Oh, Tamika, one more thing."

Latrice punched Tamika in the nose Tamika crawled into a ball holding her nose.

Just then Sigourney drunk ass appeared in the doorway.

"I guess that means Tamika isn't a dyke after all," she drunkenly and then laughed goofily.

Latrice took her shoe off her and threw it at Sigourney. It hit her dead in her forehead.

Well, Latrice was pissed over the whole ordeal, so she slept on the sofa in Victoria's and Kevin's room. So, it was no foreplay for them that night.

Tamika decided to stay in Jordan's room. They slept in the same bed, but that's all they did - sleep.

In Brittany's and Tyray's room, Brittany slept in the bed while Tyray slept on the sofa.

Moniqua and her boyfriend named Dwayne and Trey and Andrew slept peacefully in their beds while Sigourney's drunken ass went partying at a club all night.

~The day of the wedding~

"Ah! Victoria! You should see Trey's outfit!" Latrice exclaimed as she entered the room. "He has on a tight, leather, lime-green skirt on; a dressy, short-sleeve white shirt with a lime-green scarf tied around his neck; lime-green high heel sandals; press-on nails; maroon-colored lipstick; and a black wig."

"Really?" Victoria remarked, unenthusiastic.

"Yeah, and he looks pretty good in it since he got curves for his iceberg." Latrice giggled, then looked at Victoria. "You look nice," she complemented.

"Thanks," Victoria replied while she was fixing her hair, which was in a French roll with a flowery headband on. She then put her veil on.

"You know what Victoria, I actually envy you. I mean, you're actually getting married before me."

Victoria laughed a little, then put some more lipstick on. The door opened and in came Brittany.

"Hey, Brittany."

"Hey, Latrice. I need to Victoria for a moment."

"Oh, okay. I'll just be leaving."

Latrice closed the door. Victoria and Brittany stared at each other.

"Well, as you can see, I didn't tell Kevin about you and Tyray. And I don't telling him either. It'll get to you and you'll be forced to tell him."

"Look Brittany, I'm sorry. I didn't mean for it to happen."

"What, you tripped and fell on his pants and suddenly his dick was in your mouth? That's bullshit, Victoria!" Brittany exclaimed, forgetting she was in the Lord's house. "You knew how much loved him. I'm not saying it's all yo fault because it's his too. But still, you're a scandalous bitch." Brittany felt herself choke in tears.

"Brittany, I'm really sorry."

"I know you are," Brittany stated and turned around. "And another thing, stay the hell away from my man." She opened the door. Latrice was standing outside the door.

You all right, Brittany?" she asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Brittany answered as she closed the door behind her.

Latrice had been listening from the outside of the door. She heard everything.

Brittany wiped her eyes and went to get ready for the wedding ceremony.


The pianist started playing the wedding march and the wedding began. first came Victoria's younger sister Brittany, dressed in a white dress, as the flower girl and one of Kevin's younger relatives as the ring boy, dressed in a black tux.

Then there were the bridesmaids - Ashley, Tamika, Brittany, Moniqua, and Sigourney. They had on lavender - colored dresses. Also there were the groomsmen - Jordan, Luke, and 3 other of Kevin relatives. They had on silver suits with lavender vests.

Next the maid of honor - Latrice whom had on a darker dress from the bridesmaids. and the best man - Tony whom, like the groomsmen, had a silver suit on but a darker purple vest.

Kevin wasn't too crazy about the colors Victoria chose, but, for once, he didn't say anything.

Two men rolled out the red carpet, everyone stood up, and Victoria and her father commenced marching down the aisle.

While Victoria marched, Sigourney began to fall asleep and snore since had been partying all night last night. Tamika smacked her on the back on her head.

"Wake up, Sneed," she whispered.

"Huh?" Sigourney mumbled sleepily.

Victoria reached the front of the church.

"Who will give this woman away to this man?"

"I will," Mr. Milton answered, then sat down. Victoria joined Kevin.

Ashley went to the microphone and began singing a slow, love song.

Latrice began looking around. She saw Tasha sitting in the third row. They had let her out of the hospital late last night.

Tasha was wearing sunglasses to cover her black eye. She has to get stitches in both on her lips and she tried to put make-up on her nose to hide the bruise. But it was still visible. To be honest, she looked awful. Latrice was surprised that she had still attended the ceremony.

Skinny ass ho, Latrice thought angrily.

Latrice then spotted Victoria's older brother Terrance, a few rows back, cradling his and Ashley's baby.

On the other side of the room, there was Aja Watts, who played for the WNBA, and her boyfriend who played for the NBA. They had flown in that morning.

In front of them was Adam and his blonde-haired, blue-eyed white girlfriend. They were able to make it after all. Mary and her man were sitting next to them.

Latrice could hear Tamika, who was standing beside her, breathing heavily. She felt like elbowing her right in her month. But she didn't. Instead she thought of something. Yeah, she was pissed at Tamika, but could she had been jealous that Tamika was with her so-called man Jordan?

Could Latrice had actually had feelings for him?

Just the thought of it made her want to puke. So, she shook the idea of it out of her head.

She finally noticed Tony's girl Tashaniquia sitting a few rows in front of Adam and Mary.

Now, her weave on her head was about a foot high. The dress she wore was too flamboyant, short, and tight as hell. You could see her fat stomach poking out. The sandals she had on were two sizes too small. Her fake fingernails were about an inch long. She had on that ugly ass white lipstick that she know she was too dark for.

"She know she ghetto," Latrice mumbled to herself, grossed-out.

When Ashley was through singing, Victoria, in her fancy, white dress, locked hands with Kevin, in his black tux.

The wedding progressed. Finally, came the question that would determine if Kevin and Victoria would become husband and wife.

But before that, the pastor asked, "Does anyone have a reason why these two shouldn't get married? Speak now or forever hold your peace."

Brittany looked like she was going to raise her hand but didn't.

Latrice looked around for Cherrelle because she thought she was going to object, but Latrice didn't see her. Actually Cherrelle was so pissed off about Kevin's and Victoria's wedding that she stayed at the hotel.

"Well then, since there is no one, we may process. Kevin Beecham, do you take this woman to be your wife - to love, cherish, and honor her - through sickness and health?"

"I do."

Victoria Milton, do you take this man to be your husband - to love, cherish, and honor him - through and in health?"

Victoria didn't answer. she just stood there in silence, staring at her feet.

"You do or you don't?" said the pastor.

"Um, I can't."

The audience gasped.

"Uh, Kevin, baby, I haven't been honest with you."

"You got that right!!" Brittany replied out loud.

What the hell are you talking about?" Kevin demanded.

"Well, not only have I been with Tyray, I've also been with Andrew," Victoria explained. "I love you, Kevin, but I'm in love with Andrew. And he told me he didn't want to be gay no more and he don't want to be with Trey no more."

"Wh-how-how long has this been going on?" Kevin asked, outraged.

"Well, with Andrew a year. And with Tyray 2 months. Not only did I give him oral sex, he gave oral sex to me also."

"So, every time I kissed Tyray, I was actually kissing Victoria's.ahhh!" Brittany said.

"You been with Andrew a year? Tyray 2 months? We were dating for 3 years and been engaged for 6 months. And you been messing around?"

"Yeah.I'm sorry."

Victoria turned around and ran into the arms of Andrew.

"Oh, hell naw, bitch! That's my man!" Trey said in his womanly voice.

"I don't want you, Trey. I'm not gay anymore. I like women. Plus, Trey, you a dirty, nasty ass, gay prostitute."

"My ass wasn't that dirty because last night you was licking it."

"You licked his ass last night?" Victoria asked.

"Naw, he just lyin', baby."

Victoria and Andrew continued to hug and kiss while Trey tried to stop them. Oh, and by the way, Andrew was licking Trey's ass last night.


After Kevin got over his rage by cursing Victoria and Andrew out, complaining about how expensive the wedding was, and tearing up things, most of the people went back to the hotel.

Brittany sat down on one of the church's benches. Tyray sat next to her. Brittany got up to move, but Tyray grabbed her arm.

"What the hell do you want?" she asked.

"Brittany, listen, look at me."

Brittany glared at him.

"Here sit down."

Brittany glared at him some more, then reluctantly sat down.

"I'm sorry. I know what went on between me and Victoria was wrong, but I love you."

"If I hadn't caught you last night you last night, would it still be going on?"

"I don't know. Eventually it would have stopped. Her pussy didn't taste that good anyway."

"Okay, I didn't need to hear that."

"Wait, wait, wait, Brittany. I wanna ask you something" - he knelt on his knee - "Brittany Tillman, will you marry me?"

Brittany was shocked. She didn't expect him to ask her that. She began to look around. Latrice gave her a knowing look since she knew what went on between Victoria and Tyray.

"No, Tyray. I won't," she finally answered.

"What?! As much as you talk about how great Tyray is and how much you love him - you ain't gonna marry him!" Moniqua exclaimed. Obviously, she didn't know about Tyray and Victoria.

Brittany got up from the heartbroken Tyray and left the room.


Brittany entered the ladies' washroom. She stood in front of the mirror. She couldn't hold back her tears any longer. She put her head down on the counter and sobbed.

Tamika came in.

"Oh, Brittany don't cry."

"I-I l-loved him!" she cried.

"Don't worry, there's other men in the world besides him."

"I know, but I want my Tyray pooh!"

"Brittany, sit up and look at me!" Tamika commanded.

Brittany stopped crying and looked at her.

"If Tyray cheated on you now, if y'all go married, he probably cheat on you again!"

"Maybe," Brittany mumbled.

"Once a cheat, always a cheat! And you how you know he hasn't cheated on you before hand? Before Victoria. What y'all been dating for about 7 years. So how do you know?"

"I don't know."

"Brittany, I'm not trying to put you down, but one night, when you wasn't home, Tyray and I had sex."

"Why, you're no better than Victoria's ass."

Brittany stormed at the bathroom. Tamika leaned against the counter and sighed.

Tasha peeked at her from the half opened door.

"I don't want the dyke to try holla at me," she mumbled, and she didn't go into the bathroom.


Latrice sat on the front stairs of the church outside. She was eating the wedding cake, well, the part that didn't get smashed by the angry Kevin.

Speaking of Kevin, he was over afar talking to one of the strippers from his bachelor party last night.

Someone tapped Latrice on the shoulder. She glanced up. It was Jordan.


"Hey," she replied, not looking at him.

"Can I sit here?"

"It's a free country; you can sit anywhere you want."

Jordan sat next to her. "Latrice, I'm sorry about yesterday - about what you witnessed."

"Oh, okay."

"You don't believe me, do you?"

"Maybe. Maybe not," she said as if she was a young child.

"Latrice, I'm serious."

"Well, you wasn't too serious when I caught your pathetic ass in bed with a lesbian!"

"I told you - I'm sorry! What more do you want?"

"Money will do," she quoted unpretentiously.

Jordan sighed. "Latrice, I love you, and I would like the work things out." He pulled out the engagement ring. "And I still want you to marry me."

Latrice stared at him. That made Jordan nervous. He started sweating heavily, and he could feel his heart pounding. At the moment he could've peed his pants. but fortunately, he didn't.

"You know what Jordan? I will. I will marry you."

"You will?!" he exclaimed like an over zealous little boy. "That's fantastic!"

Jordan gave her a huge hug.

"You're fucking choking me!"

"Sorry." He unloosened his grip on her.

I have to admit, I do have some feelings for him. And, maybe, over time, I'll grow to love him, Latrice thought