I Wish I Was Her

I never wanted to be anyone, But you changed me, Looking into your eyes, I wish, I was her.

I thought I was perfect, But I was wrong, Hearing your heart beating rapidly, I wish, I was her.

Haven't you notice the change between you and me? Maybe you haven't Because all you have in mind Is her.

I wish I was her, So you would look at me the same way you did to her, So your heart would fastened just for me, So I would be brave enough to lean on you and tell you, I love you.

Yes, That's right, I'm scared.

I have no self-confident around you, I would go lisps whenever I around you, I was never perfect where ever I'm around you, I would do anything just for you, Even to wishing that I was someone else, Just to stay with you.

You are the only one I want in this world, But the only one I can't have in this world, Is love mean to be hurt?

Looking in the sky and I made a wish: I wish, I wish, I wish I was her, To love him, to protect him and to tell him how I felt, I would do anything for the guy I love, Even if I have to be someone else So I at least could stay with him, forever and ever. -----------------___________________----------------------;; So? What do you think? I haven't been writing songs for a while, but I think writing songs is not depend on how long or how much you have written, but to express the feeling inside you. Of course, This song is NOT about me! I was just bored and then I came up this terrific idea! Please gimme some reviews so I know you like it!!!