The Tranquil Artist

I sit at canvass, bare and empty
I hold my paints, gentle and still
I feel my brush, hard and delicate
And I spill my soul on the boring white

The blues swim in heavenly rows
The reds dance as a fire's form
The yellows play in the towering grace
Of the boring white become blissful glow

My greens and purples tango the floor
The white dots and dottles on colors of before
The black sulks in shadows of self-imprisonment
And boredom flies off into colored mastery

The paints come alive and circle my form
Twist and frill in everlasting pace
Capture my attention, take hold my mind
As I live in colors, in a world of bare white

The artist's palette expands tranquility
Heart grows in steps of swirling hope
The loves and likes hover the minds eye
In colors I trust my essence, I trust my faith