Authors Note: -  This is a flash fic; basically it's a small view into this person's life. So it doesn't really have a point to it other than to illustrate how they life and their interactions. That and its funny. Anyways it's got Elwyn (The star of the short story Depantsed) and David. You'll hear more about them as I post more stories


A loud insistent knocking woke David from his dreams. Falling off the couch he'd been sleeping on he looked quickly around the small apartment to see what was making the racket. It took him a moment to come to the realization that it was the door.

"Coming!" He called out, though it came out more as 'comink' as he yawned half way through the word. The knocking didn't cease at his proclamation.

He grumbled softly to him self and struggled to his feet. It took him a bit to work out a path through the piles of junk, dirty clothes and boxes that littered the floor. A few hidden hazards even caused him to stumble and nearly fall several times before reaching the door and flinging it open.

On the other side he found his friend glaring at him. It wasn't as if he could actually see his eyes since they were hidden behind dark glasses but the feeling managed to come across easily.

"Yo, what's up El?" David leaned against the door frame and grinned at his trench coat wearing friend.

"Don't call me that. I've warned you about it before. My name is Elwyn, not El. Call me that again and I'll break your legs." The unseen glare increased and a frown joined it. The dark look did little to make Elwyn any less attractive, just scarier.

"You mean again?" He grinned playfully trying to quell his friend's ever present anger.

"Yes. Again. You are just lucky Donovan has forbidden me from shooting you." Elwyn shifted slightly and reached into his leather coat for something but suddenly stopped. One of his black eyebrows slowly raised and he eyed David oddly.

"You… seem to have a rodent infestation in your hair." He stared at David's tall thick Mohawk as if it offended him.

"Huh? Oh! That's my new pet!" David said cheerfully as he casually reached up and plucked the mouse from where it had crawled out of the recesses of his hair. "His name is Rat-cakes!" David joyously held out the black and white rodent that stood on its hind legs and sniffed at Elwyn.

Elwyn stared for a few moments at the mouse, and then looked at David, then the mouse and back at David. He then removed his hand from his coat, did a perfect about face and walked over to the elevator pushing the down button.

David stared in puzzlement as he watched his friend leave. The doors opened and Elwyn retreated into them, he pushed the door close button a few times to quicken the process.

"I don't think he liked you Rat-cakes." David gently pet the small creature on the head with his forefinger. The mouse made a soft squeak sound and crawled up his arm quickly returning to his hair.

"Your right, we should go back to sleep." He closed the door and made the perilous journey back to the couch and back to sleep.

The End