It was a dark and dreary night

The sky was pitch black, with only the moon's dull light

I am all alone on this dirt-filled road

No trees, animals or any other human body within the eye's reach

I strain my ears to hear something, anything

Nothing, except the howling of the wind

I check behind me. No one is there

Chills run down my spine

I can taste my own fear, mingling with the dry dust

My lungs fill with these tiny particles as I inhale

I smell nothing

I can't take it any longer

I start running the deserted void that surrounds me

I make cries of distress, hoping that someone will hear

The sharp smell of fresh blood fills my nostrils

I can taste it now

A faint silhouette appears before me

It is to dark to make anything out

Is it another person?

I turn sharply around and begin to run at full speed

My heart is racing

I can feel cold and throbbing in my dry dust-coated throat

I hear footsteps behind me gradually gaining

Faster and faster

Bang, Bang, Bang!

The pounding sounds like gunshots inn my ears

I trip and fall

I feel the sharp rocks penetrate my bare skin

I awake with a start and a gasp

Again, I am all alone on this dark and dreary night