I'll never get to lay in Mommy's arms

While Daddy counts my toes

As Grandma and Grandpa

Watch and blow their nose

I'll never get to show my first smile

Hear my first giggle

Lose my first baby tooth

Or have you frame my first squiggle

I'll never get to speak my first word

I promise it'll be mama!

I won't hurt myself bad

And you'll never have to go through the trauma

I'll never get to move my legs in

Taking my first walk

Feeling the cold ground

Even through my sock

I'll never get to start going to school

Even if I whine

I'd get over it

I'm sure after a few days I'd be fine

I'll never get to fail once

Or get straight A's instead

I won't be able to improve myself

If I'm dead

I'll never get to find true love

Look into her trusting eyes

Speak the words, "Marry Me!"

And have her answer take me by surprise

I'll never get to stand next to the priest

And watch as my bride

Floats down the aisle

And watch Dad's face fill with pride

I'll never get to have kids of my own

Or stand by the bed next to my wife

As into this world

She brings another life

I'll never get to see you one final time

Before you pass away

Or be there to cry

When they bury you mid-day

I'll never get to watch my children grow

From the age of zero

Till whenever I die

But worst of, I'll never be their hero

I'll never get to live my life

Just because of you

But when I ask why

The answer makes me blue

Well, Mommy, they say that you're to young

To have your life be bound

If you're to young to have me

Aren't you to young to fool around?