A/N: I love this translation. Sounds much better than the original German vision, I assume. Do you get animated while reading this? I do.   After the rain…

…everything is changed.

The window spotted mottled stippled appaloosa

With ferocious drops


The tiny waters – pearl pebbles of my turtle –

Regular resembling stars

On the glass

With vacuum


Oh, outside

Colours rich lovely red caravans on busy journey

No, ships

Rosy ships

Soundlessly gliding and so swift swift swift

Yet slow

Sky lightning treasures like in ancient paintings

Smutty-bright heavens watery blue smoky dimmed

But burning burning burning

Violet purple orange crimson it is no colour it is light it is matter still

Glowing-cool damp coals

Black tree rises in front of them

Stretching its arms towards them wait for me

Be comforted, tree, with

A pigeon


Perched on you.