A/N: Finally, I bade farewell to Beijing. And finally, I learned to miss her.

Leaving Beijing

Well, Beijing will be past soon

to disappear for another 2 years

(and maybe more?)

So many bicycles and so many pedestrians

all on one sidewalk and the same street

So many cars hooting all the time and

So many taxis always overtaking

So many buses driving much too slowly

in the Rush Hour

and braking much too hard at the bus stops

for they want to hurry further want to

save money

in order to earn more

So many skyscrapers and artistic buildings

strangely mixes Asian-European architecture.

Do they all glow at night?

The whole rest, however, does so –

the lawns are neon green

the cafés scarlet

to say nothing of the discotheques!

The sidewalks are dimly orange

and the building sites gleam in garish white.

Colourful advertising signs everywhere

and always that

Good host, great Universiad.

Fountains by the roadside

between glowing sculptures

and people, people everywhere

all day

all night.

This city knows no rest

needs no sleep.

And the red flag rises still

even before the morning sun

high above the square of the heavenly peace.

Some things will never change.