To Lose You…

By Daniella Wisdom

Disclaimer: We belong to ourselves, bitches! Now sit down an' shut the fuck up! ^-^

Summary: This's 'bout me sistas an' all of us—now sit down an' shut the fuck up! ^-^

Rating: R—now shut the fuck up! ^-^


When I realised they were gone, it wasn't so much a conscience thought, as it was a feeling. I knew it, I knew it me bones, in knew it in me gut. But me mind wouldn't let itself know it. Now we drive by the their house, and we know there's nothing there for us, not anymore. They're so far away, but they're still so close—so goddamned close. I can still feel them, feel their presence in our home, in our yard…like ghosts, we haunt each other still…

We talk on the phone, we chat on the web, but its just not the same—their voice is here, but its not here, at the same time. Its like…their voices are only memories, in our heads. Warm, sweet memories, memories time can never steal and life can never taint. Wot do I remember the most? Laughter. Their laughter, our laughter—same thing, 'cause it all intertwined so much that it all became a blur to us. A happy blue.

Time passes between us…days. Weeks. Months. It's only been two months, two months since I last saw them. And these two months have been torture within themselves. Fucking torture…it's the sweetest torture, to be so close and yet so far from somebody. Four states can't sever a decade-long bond between seven people, can't put enough distance between us for it to matter. We find solace in that fact; that nothing can ever change between us, no matter wot. Its…comforting, really.       

In our hearts, we know the love we've shared, and will continue to share. So, really, distance doesn't matter—wot does, is wot we've got…we can never truly lose each other, 'cause wot we have *can't* be lost…to lose them, is not to lose them; it's…to separated. When I lost them, I never really lost anything to begin with—oh, sure, yeah, I lost them in body, in physical existence, but they're still here. And we're still there, with them.

We're all here, in our memories, in a decade's worth of life and love, of happiness and triumph. So, you know wot? Fuck time, fuck space, and fuck anybody in our ways, 'cause that shit can never take away wot really made this between the seven of us. Something like that, can never be lost—on anyone, or anything.