"My World"

Author's Note: First of all, before you read this and think "God, who can write such pointless crap?" let me say that this is not really a story. The first few lines were written in my notebook just after my computer crashed. The rest was typed on Microsoft Word (darn squiggly lines—how do you turn them off?) as I was thinking it. I did not go back and edit (except for spelling). This is not supposed to award winning writing, but if your bored go ahead and read it, it's short and probably entertaining. Oh yes, I don't own Avril Lavigne, or Kazaa, however, the Voice in my Head is 100% mine.

I hate it when that happens so much you don't even know, I thought.

"Of course I don't," the voice in my head said. "I'm just a voice in your head."

Shut UP. I mentally groaned.

"You're the one making me talk," Voice said.

Shoot, now that it has a name it will be even harder to make it leave.

"It's only true 'cause you believe it!" Voice laughed.

I sighed (mentally). So pain-in-the-butt, why are you here?

"I don't know, it's up to you. Think of something creative, like I'm your long lost twin who died and now shares your brain—see, good job!"


"Doesn't the red line annoy you when you type things like that?"


I tried not to think.

"So you're ignoring me now? I know how to make you stop!" Voice cackled evilly. "Hey now, you're an all-star, get your game on go plaaay!"

That stupid song has been going through my head all day! Can you say "overplayed"? Uhhg.

"The squiggly red line again!"

Darn voice.

"I wonder how many hours in a year?"

Do NOT make me do multiplication. Please.

"You're doing it to yourself."

Ever notice how—NO, I am NOT talking to myself.

"Correction, you're thinking to yourself."

I can be such a pain in the butt!

"You can say that again!"

Shut up.

"Make me."

Maybe it's too quiet. I'll turn on music.

"I wanna listen to—hey look, the squiggly red lines! There they are again!"

How DO you turn those lines off?

"Why are you asking me?"

I'm not, I'm musing over things in my head.

"Same thing."

I opened Kazaa and double-clicked a song.

"Please tell me what is taking place, 'cause I can't seem to find a trace—"

The voice went away.

Thank you Avril Lavigne.

"Hey, her whole name has the little red squiggly lines!"

Oh well.

"The end of pointless writing."

Shut up Voice.