I recently heard something that really caught my attension and decided who so ever careth enough will also be enlightened. talking to a friend the other day, i realized that something as simple as pop music can be applied to attitudes and everyday life. basically, when one knows all the lyrics to a song, that songs becomes more enjoyable to listen to. you can sing along, alone to yourself, ect. pop songs you hear on the radio, are all one line songs that repeat a catchy sentence, not only gets in your head, the more you hear it the more you enjoy. then it plateaus, and noone ever wants to hear it again. you want examples?

blue - eiffel 65
noone ever liked that song, for good reason. people sung along and danced because "i'm blue da ba dee da ba di" would stick in your head.

kylie monogue, nelly furtado, ect

i strongly believe in this theory after careful revision. why? well, i find myself singing along to songs i think i don't like. (brand new low, larger than life to name a few) i also strongly believe that's why rap and techno never really became pop music so much. now rappers like eminem and ja rule are making catchy chorus songs. i'm an eminem fan, but not the songs like my name is, without me, or real slim shady; to give him a fair judgement, listen to whatever doesn't go pop, its written with a purpose. role model, who knew, till i collapse, dad's gone crazy, hallie's song, what you say i am (if you listen to the words) ANYWAY! all to say that knowing the words to a song makes you enjoy it more, so a one lined song, if its catchy will be very very catchy.

i've been listening to pearl jam non stop for years, and honestly they're my very favourite band, and i don't know hardly any lyrics.

now the radio knows this, they play nothing but catchy songs, over and over because people even if people don't like the song, will enjoy listening to it to some extent. so the brainless 12 year olds that don't know real music, and all the people who don't need a message or feeling in their music will all listen to the same thing, whatever the radio plays most. making them lots and lots of money in advertising. period. music is about money.

in my mind, music is to get a message accross, make people feel better, be it to relieve aggression, help someone sad and let them know they're not alone, to whatever they interpret the music to suit them. that's music. but some greedy son of a bitch decided there's people to manipulate, "lets make a business, we'll call it new boy band." they do what businesses do, find people that can sing, find people that can write music, and find people that can pose for pictures or make a good story. all for more money.throw in some words like love, can't live without you, and baby. an e business company would be doing its respectful counterpart, finding a programmer, and designer, and marketing manager ect.

the point is, i believe you should be paying for the median, and salary of the musician, no more. now all these manufactured bands are millionaires, the label's staff are all millionaires, the agents, lawyers, accountants, assistants, they're all loaded with cash because they're shooting to please the largest number. punk rockers seem to be the only ones who don't sign to big labels for this reason, and i respect the fully. they don't want to be rich and famous, they want their message sent and they want to keep making music all day long. (generally speaking obviously)

now we could talk about the rappers growing up in the ghettos, rapping about all their hoes and dough, ice around their necks and bentleys in their drive ways. keeping in mind they grew up with absolutely nothing! and lived harder lives than most of us suburbanites could even imagine in the worst shwartzennagger movie. how could they not want as much as possible!?

then the fake rappers come out, the business ones that want a piece of the action. vanilla ice, kid rock, limp bizkit, ect.

PEOPLE! BE YOURSELF! IF YOU LIKE MAINSTREAM MUSIC, DON'T LIKE IT BECAUSE YOU HEAR IT, LIKE IT FOR THE PRODUCTION VALUE! LIKE IT FOR THE MESSAGE, LIKE IT FOR HOW IT MAKES YOU FEEL! I CAN'T STAND MUTTONS. people that do what they're told, like what they want you to like, you sheep don't deserve a free will, and you abuse your freedom alongside taking it for granted.

nothing wrong with liking mainstream, everything wrong with liking something because its mainstream.