Tears for a Hero

Your sword flashing in the light
Your destiny an endless fight
A constant battle, day and night
But you are never broken

Your strengths all melting into one
Your presence like the rising sun
But you have always just begun
'Cause you are never broken

Why are you always trying
To save the world we know?
You can't keep them from dying
It's the way the world will always go
Among thousands of your friends
Have you ever been so lonely?
Keep your faith, as the dark descends
There's a path that waits for you only...

By day you battle blood and bone
By night you stand wishing alone
For the warmth you've never known
'Cause you are never broken

The world's a chaotic place
And you've spent your life in this race
Searching frantically for the face
That one day made you broken

Your destiny cut into stone
Is this what you really craved?
If you're winning, but all alone
What's the use of being brave?
When will you finally be tired?
Running in circles, you never get far
Is this what you desired?
When will you realize how lonely you are?

Poor, poor hero
Open up your eyes
Poor, poor hero
Open and realize
You are broken
You've always been broken

Riding out into the night
Is this the last time you'll alight?
And we're all so sure that we're right
That you are never broken...

Are you ever broken...?