"Is there something wrong?" she asked

if there wasn't anything wrong then would I be crying? I thought

*sniffle* "no theres's nothing wrong" I say

"are you sure?" she says

*fake smile* ya idiot, everything is just peachy keen I think go to hell

"ya, *bawl* everything is fine" I say

"there's something wrong, come on, tell. keeping it iin wont help" she say's

*sarcastic look* really sherlock? so now the tables have turned and I'm the idiot? I think

"ya, I know that, I'm really fine though" I say

ok, something's wrong and its gunna come out of her if its the last thing I do she thinks

"why wont you tell me, you know you can" she say

why wont she stop? I say I'm fine so leave me the hell alone to wall in my sorrow! I think

"I know I can tell you, and if something is wrong then I would" I say

fine I give up! Screw her she thinks

"ok fine I give up, your fine, see you around" she says as she walks away

wait come back, there really waas something...