If I Wasn't Here

I wonder what you would think

If I disappeared without a trace

Vanishing into thin air

All you'd find is my memory

If I'm a bother

And I was ridded of

By some of the things in the world

Would you miss me?

Is the world better without me?

Or do I make a difference in another life?

I don't know

If I can believe the words of the world

For there is nothing but injustice and anger

They fill up our world, drowning kindness and joy.

Would you notice

If I was gone?

Or would it blend

Into the ever mixing of our busy life?

The tools that our race uses against each other is

Greed, hate, deceit, and weapons.

Not only those of nuclear, but those of words.

How can I continue the fight?

The fight for life.

When it all seems dark and impossible.

The light is gone from my eyes, my heart.

My life means nothing.

As do I.

I don't know if anyone would miss me.

But I sure highly doubt anyone would notice.

But I know one thing.

I'd surely miss you.

Another one of my "quote un-quote bad days" but I got through it all right.