The willing, the lame,
The wild, the tame,
All come together,
To conduct a game.

Death shows on the die,
In graveyards innocent lie,
Justice is falling apart,
Murderers always get by.

Land on the space of truth or dare,
No cosequence or guilt needs to be beared.
Leaving a trail of destruction behind,
Can't feel remorse, I don't care.

Death or destruction, take your pick,
Love or lust, use your dick,
At the split in the road, only one way to go,
Try to take two and you get sick.

A game of truth and deadly deeds,
A shadow of monsters and deadly breeds,
A tale of cities and deadly creeds,
A place of men and deadly needs.

A time of nights and endless days,
A frenzy of sex and endless ways,
A swath of heat and endless lust,
A shower of ecstasy and endless lays.

Set the pace,
Win the race,
Get the prize,
Live your days.

The Game of Life is twisted in shadow,
Death, more often than not, gets scooped in the ladle,
What is which, which is what?
Reality or fantasy, which side of the battle?

Why do the innocent always lie?
Why do the beautiful always hide?
Why do the faithful always defy?
Why do the rebellious always bide?

Why are things substantial, yet never real?
Why am I emotional, yet never feel?
Why am I respectful, yet never kneel?
Why are things crucial, yet never heal?

Born of darkness, made of light,
Face of joy, heart of plight,
Skin of gold, flesh of talc,
Life of melancholy, death of delight.

What's the game? What is life?
What's the peace? What is strife?
What's the ploy? What is fun?
What's the bribe? What is drive?

The Game of Life, game or life?
Death and destruction, peace or strife?
Getting ahead, ploy or fun?
Winning the race, bribe or drive?

Reality or fantasy, which is real?
Emotion or apathy, which makes me feel?
Respect or rebellion, which makes me kneel?
Crucial or common, which can heal?

Game of Life, twist and turn,
Go too fast, crash and burn,
Win the race, take the urn,
Live through it all, a lesson learned.