Goodbye Isn't Forever
Lys Summers

Edit Dec. 9th, 2003 -- Slight formatting change and correction of a typo. This poem is so old... but the dedication still stands. Kib, I hope you're doing alright.

Goodbye isn't forever,
Never say you won't see me again.
Don't shed tears yet my friend,
I won't be gone that long.

Goodbye isn't a promise,
Its only temporarily true.
If somethings change and life gets better,
We'll meet again real soon.

"Good" bye is just a lie,
'Cause parting's never fun.
I hate the thought of leaving,
But there's nothing to be done.

Goodbye is something scary,
Just the thought of being alone.
Can bring tears and untold sorrows,
Bring up emotions never shown.

Goodbye is something I hate to hear,
Some much presumed, so much ignored.
So just tell me please, that I'll see you again,
Even if its a lie, I just don't want to cry.