Memories of You

I still remember the feeling

Vivid as yesterday

Although it was so long ago

I remember it to this day

We were laughing

And messing

Around in the park

It was getting quite late

And the sky had turned dark

We each sat on a swing

And stared up at the stars

As we listened to the distant

Sound of the cars

As we talked I felt something

Which I'll remember forever

The best kind of feeling

A feeling of together

Not in a romantic sense

Not at all, we were just friends

But we were best friends

The feeling was electric

I felt a tingle down my spine

As we smiled and chatted

And passed away the time

I turned to you and you looked back at me

And I remember thinking that was how it was meant to be

We promised we'd stay best friends

From then till eternity

And sad as it is

That it never came true

I really know I meant it

And I'm sure that you did too

So now here I sit

Back in the same place

And I think of all of memories

With a smile upon my face

Although we never kept in touch

Although we drifted away

I will never forget my best friend

And I will never forget that day