For Alyssa

Illness in your weary body, pressing inside your mind
Your epitome of care is swallowed by a demon inside
As pain blazes my conscience, I hope you've found solace
Your suffering was insatiable, but your freedom is endless

Whatever you may find in your journey after life
May it bring you elation and diminish your sullen strife
In hopes that merciful light shines upon your face
Please find an escape, rest in a soothing place

Within your newfound home please know that you are loved
And smile down upon is as you watch from above
Your face will be forever framed in the azure sky
Please hold onto your dreams and teach the angels how to fly

With a heavy heart and saline tears I hope you've found your bliss
The pain is vanquished now; you are numb to a razor's kiss
Fragrant velvet petals surround you with freedom and tenderness
Prayers spoken in your name to caress your memory with happiness

Beyond the realms of earth may you find serenity.
May you breathe freely now and nestle in tranquility.
With your warmth and compassion, we hold you in our hearts
There is no barrier strong enough to keep our souls apart

Rest in peace