School Sucks

A collection of poems about school


A\N—This is possibly the first humorous poem I have written. Go figure

Dedication-For Tenacious Monkey. She knows why

I'm sitting here in Trig class

I'm trying not to snore

I'm sitting here in Trig class

It really is a bore

I really couldn't care less

About functions odd or even

And If I could have my way

Man you know I'd be a' leavin'

Right now we are being taught

Sine functions and Cosine

But the graph looks to me

Like just a wavy line

I'm sitting here in Trig class

I'm waiting for the bell

And though I like my teacher

This class is really—


A\N—just so you know, I did write this in Trig class, and at the encouragement of my classmates decided to post it here. So click that little purplish button and let me know what you think. (I was informed this poem could be sung to the tune of the Oscar Myer Wiener jingle, if you are so inclined. That was not my intention, but hey.)

~Poems about the rest of my classes will follow later. If you have a request, don't hesitate to tell me.~