Prom Night from Hell

Prom is really too much of a row

I nearly decided that I would not go

I had to buy a brand new dress

My hair is determined to stay a mess

I can't stand on my heels

I understand how Carrie feels

So much that prom is supposed to be

But it doesn't seem that way to me

I'm hard to fit because I'm small

We spent a lifetime at the mall

And you see I hate to dance

I don't know why I take this chance

It's a glorified highschool obsession

Leading me slowly into a depression

And yet I drag myself out on Saturday night

For what is called "the time of my life"

So I might not make it, this could be the end

You can blame the excited, I call them my friends

I don't want to go, it gives me a scare

But its one of those things I'll just grin and bare

A\N-Yes my dear reviewers, prom is tomorrow. Wish me luck, it will probably be the subject of another poem later R and R