There is someone I know with
(seen through a glossy window beside time)
a secret smile
cold eyes though, deep and northern
gazing through the leaf of color right into me
(beside time)
and a face with lines and shadows that
seem to ask for something,
and a darkness of visage
of eye and haughty brow (a majestic.. remove)
strong and forceful nose which
seems to me something British
(features, all, unseen by me and pasted
to a glistening-
an unfound Cummings sparkle, that-
leaflet, beside time).
(and a faint smell of something like a dream; uncatchable)
An unsmiling smile (a Russian smile, really)
but something in his face seems to me to be
all the same, a
hidden-inner smile
with cold but laughing eyes
that stare into me
(beside time)

that gaze could be warm,