The Phantom's Daughter

Prologue - This particular story, about the Phantom of the Opera, takes place after the original story. It begins around 1887. The Victome de Chagny and his bride Christine are living outside of Paris. Christine discovers that she is, with child, and proceeds to tell Raoul the truth about this baby.

Chapter One - Going Back to Erik

Christine had just discovered why the morning sickness was in affect. She went to the doctor that afternoon to see if it was true. The doctor said it was...and with that Christine rushes home to tell Raoul. "Raoul! Raoul!" Christine screamed through the halls of their small, but cozy house. "Christine?" "What is it?" Raoul yelled back. "I'm going to have a baby!" she smiled. Raoul's impatient frown turned into a bright smile. "A baby!" he whispered. Christine giggled. "Yes!" She embraced Raoul tightly. They had so longed to have a baby. Especially Christine...which was very fond of little ones. "Oh Raoul!" she let go of him. "We have to go and tell Meg and all the rest of our friends at the opera!" Raoul's pleasing smile turned back into a frown. "Go back?" he said barely above a whisper. "Why, yes something wrong?" He took Christine's hands and led them both to the couch. "It's just that...I'm surprised you would, want, to go back...after what happened." He said disappointingly as he got comfortable on the couch. "Raoul...please don't do this...we have to go!" Christine got up from her spot on the couch. "Well...IM going..." she yelled. "Christine...but will you come back?" he said sarcastically. "Maybe!" Christine stormed to her room to pack. Thinking of what horrible things Raoul had said to her...referring to her dear Erik. For she knew, she would have to tell him the news as well. Christine got out an old suitcase and started packing some dresses out of her closet. She noticed Raoul standing at the door. "I'll go...if you want me too.." he said childishly. Christine didn't look up at him. "I suppose...I..I..mean I just can't leave you here by yourself..." She finally looked up at him. "Alright, then..." he said as he walked to his closet on the opposite side of the room. The next morning was hectic. Christine and Raoul had to get up early...for their carriage would be waiting for them. Raoul carried his and Christine's bags out to the carriage. The driver opened the door to the carriage and helped Christine inside. He left the door open for Raoul and got in his place in the front. Raoul climbed in the carriage and the horses snorted. The driver whipped the two horses and they were off to the opera.