Explain what you don't understand
When I say it's alright
Explain why you never did land
When you tell me you're afraid of flight
Explain all this wallowing
In unrestrained despair
Explain why you're following
The dark that was never there

'Cause I'm dying to cure,
But I can't understand why
Why you're suddenly lured
To a land where there is no sky
'Cause you're leaving me fast
And I'm afraid of losing you
Why you're stuck in the past
'Cause you're dragging me down there too...

Explain why you're falling
When I'm the one who taught you to fly
Explain why you're calling
When I'm standing right in front of your eyes
Explain why you're rejecting me
When all I want to do is heal
Explain why you're neglecting me
When I stand for all that's real


Explain all this sudden dark
Because it used to be mine
It left on my heart a mark
That I tried to heal with time
Explain and I'll understand
Why it ever happened to me
Explain and take my hand
If I could heal, so can we...